Sunday, July 12: Piltover versus Noxus Featured Matches


Boldly to hope, nobly to strive, for a brighter tomorrow.

The majority of Factions matches are pick-up matches that anyone can start or join. On the weekends, we complement these matches with shoutcasted Featured Matches using more carefully balanced teams, and with higher than usual stakes. The matches are held in sets of three on each Saturday and Sunday, with the first match beginning at 12:30 Pacific (3:30 Eastern) on each day. Matches are streamed at

See the main post for more information on this weekend’s matches.

Piltover defeated Shurima 3–0 yesterday in a rather striking upset victory. Today, it will go up against Noxus. Although Shurima will not be able to stop the construction of the velocitronic railway, a couple Noxian legions might have something to say about a new rail system that would allow Demacia to deploy troops into Shurima or the southern regions of Valoran overnight.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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