Factions Friday at Five


If you’re new to Factions, you may find the Beginners’ Guide helpful.
When you’re ready, you can sign up for a faction here.
To see which Champions are available for which factions, view the Faction Rosters.

Today is our second Factions Friday event. Although Factions is designed so that anyone can start or join a match anytime, sometimes that openness can make it difficult to arrange matches, as nobody knows for sure when others will be around and wanting to play. The idea of Factions Friday is to designate certain days and times as focus points for match creation.

The first round went quite well, with a total of six matches and fifteen new signups. Although I won’t be able to be around personally tonight to assist, matchstaff have been working hard at improving the logistics of match organization, and I’m hopeful that we can do still better this week. I’ve somewhat revised the Beginners’ Guide, to make it easier for newer Summoners (including “that one person from my friends list I invited to get a fifth”) to orient themselves.

At the request of some more easterly Summoners, I’ve moved the start time to 5:00 Pacific Time. This should make it easier for them to participate. (“Factions Friday at Five” also provides marginally better alliteration than the admittedly awkward initial version of “Factions Friday at Feven”.) So, if you’d like to play some matches, show up in the Factions chat (and join your own faction’s chat, e.g., “Noxus”) and prepare for battle on the Fields of Justice.


Factions Friday is also meant to make Factions more accessible to new people. It’s a good time to recruit friends to join you for a match or two. Please be patient with newer Summoners who are still learning the ropes, and remember: though Factions can get a bit tryhard at times, at its core it’s meant to be fun and somewhat lighthearted. I strongly recommend some vaguely in-character all-chat banter to keep matches positive. Besides, why go with some tired solo queue line like “omg wtf noob” when you could instead be proclaiming, “Noxian fiends! You shall not triumph over Piltover this day!” Or if you’re Summoning Orianna to the Fields, go ahead and do some creepy robo-speak about “Let’s-play-with-Baron. It-will-be-fun.” Those Summoner-Champion mindlinks can be really trippy.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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