Factions Sign Up


The Council will hear your declaration, Summoner.

We score matches using a rank-adjust formula, to keep things fair—or as fair as they can be in the cutthroat world of Valoranian politics. (Basically, we compute expected probability of victory based on average performance of teams with similar compositions to the first team against teams of similar composition to the second team, and adjust points gained or lost accordingly: predictable stomps mean few points gained for the winning team and fewer lost by the losing team.) To help us do this, we request that Summoners sign up here and submit their rank info, so we don’t have to do it manually. This also produces a list of Summoners that people can use to find others to play with.

49 comments on “Factions Sign Up
  1. ChaosControl7 says:

    So where do I sign up? the old sign up for NA is down

  2. Sebastian says:


  3. ReilockPiraka says:

    When will be for EUEN sign up?

  4. Ragingfangs says:


  5. Zanzier says:

    I’m supposed to leave a comment here to sign in?

  6. Didactic Mirage says:

    I signed up for factions, but i dont see my name on the list of summoners. Why is that?

    • CupcakeTrap says:

      The list is manually updated. I try to update it every day or every couple days. You’ll appear in the next update.

      • Didactic Mirage says:

        Alright thank you. I was just wondering because it had been like two or three days so it was just always in the back of my mind that something could have gone wrong when i signed up.

      • Didactic Mirage says:

        Actually i just looked again and it says that this one person was added on May 8th which was yesterday and i know i signed up before that. So I dont know if i messed something up when registering or not. Should i try again?

      • Samwhyz says:

        I also signed up last weekend and have not seen my name added to the list.

      • CupcakeTrap says:

        Samwhyz: I see you on the list. Is it not showing for you?

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