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The Council will hear your declaration, Summoner.

Arc X: Insurrection

The tenth Factions arc, Insurrection, began on 1 May, 27 CLE. It centers on a clash between Noxus and Zaun.

Wait, What’s Factions?

Factions is a game mode and community lore initiative in which Summoners declare for a faction (such as Ionia or Bilgewater) and fight matches using faction-specific Champion lists. All levels are welcome, and anyone can start or join a scored match on behalf of their faction whenever they like. The story plays out according to match outcomes and player decisions in interactive lore events. Each “chapter” (also “arc” or “storyline”) lasts about three months, and features a different dispute before the League involving a different set of playable factions.

Read on for information on how to sign up and join the fight.

Remember: no matter which factions you fought for in previous arcs, you can freely decide on any faction you like this time around. Similarly, your allegiance in this dispute will not bind you in future arcs.

Sign Up Here

We’re launching this arc on the NA server only. We aim to expand to EUW and other servers as the arc progresses, as we have in past arcs.

Getting into a Match

The erasure of public chats from the new client has made organizing Factions matches somewhat more difficult. We’re working on getting clubs set up to compensate.

For now, I have two main suggestions:

Also, be on the lookout for “random” friend invites and custom game invites.

Sign-Up FAQ

Do I have to stick with the same faction forever?

Declarations only stand for the course of the storyline. (Storylines typically run for 2-3 months.) While you can’t swap factions mid-storyline, you can (and indeed must) send in a new declaration for each storyline. For example, I started off with Demacia in Mirrorwater, then decided to fight for Demacia again in Ceruleana, then switched to Bandle City for Discord, then fought for Noxus in Shon-Xan, and then Zaun in Hextech Revolution.

My favorite faction isn’t in this storyline. What should I do?
Declarations are storyline-specific. You can fight for Demacia one storyline, then Noxus in the next, then Ionia in the next. So if your favorite faction isn’t involved in the current conflict, don’t worry: you can declare for one of the factions that is involved, then sign up for your favorite when it enters the fray.

We precede each storyline with a community poll that determines which factions will face off. Members of the winning faction from the previous storyline often get a private vote as well, so there’s some extra incentive to win.

Why not have all factions available in every storyline?
There are several reasons.

  1. Match organizing. This is the most important factor. The more dispersed the playerbase is among different factions, the harder it is to get pick-up matches going. For example, if we have 20 Summoners online split among two factions, we can actually run two simultaneous matches. In contrast, if we have 20 Summoners online split among 6 factions, we probably won’t be able to run even a single match.
  2. Story cohesion. It’s actually really hard to craft a story that involves four or five factions in a sensible way.  It’s also very difficult for our story team to give each faction its due when they have to hop from faction to faction in their story updates.
  3. Tournaments. We like to have fair tournaments that pit every faction against every other faction at least once. As a matter of mathematics, this gets drastically more difficult as you increase the number of factions.

If you’re craving some variety, though, we do support unscored Intermission matches. In these matches, anyone can play for any side (even against their “real” faction) and all factions are available. We have special Intermission rosters.

What if I change my mind?
No backsies, Summoner. Once you declare, you are bound to fight for that Faction for the remainder of the storyline.

There is an exception, as part of our recruitment program: if you recruit at least 3 Summoners to Factions, you can swap factions once mid-arc. This is meant to both reward enthusiastic recruiters and to allow them to stick with their pals.

I’m not even ranked. Can I join?
Absolutely! We welcome all skill levels, and Factions is a great way for lower-Tier Summoners to play with and learn from those at higher Tiers. We adjust match point values to reflect skill differences, which keeps it fair. Besides, when it comes down to it, Factions is more about fun than hardcore tryhard competition. Let the all-chat jokes fly.

49 comments on “Factions Sign Up
  1. ChaosControl7 says:

    So where do I sign up? the old sign up for NA is down

  2. Sebastian says:


  3. ReilockPiraka says:

    When will be for EUEN sign up?

  4. Ragingfangs says:


  5. Zanzier says:

    I’m supposed to leave a comment here to sign in?

  6. Didactic Mirage says:

    I signed up for factions, but i dont see my name on the list of summoners. Why is that?

    • CupcakeTrap says:

      The list is manually updated. I try to update it every day or every couple days. You’ll appear in the next update.

      • Didactic Mirage says:

        Alright thank you. I was just wondering because it had been like two or three days so it was just always in the back of my mind that something could have gone wrong when i signed up.

      • Didactic Mirage says:

        Actually i just looked again and it says that this one person was added on May 8th which was yesterday and i know i signed up before that. So I dont know if i messed something up when registering or not. Should i try again?

      • Samwhyz says:

        I also signed up last weekend and have not seen my name added to the list.

      • CupcakeTrap says:

        Samwhyz: I see you on the list. Is it not showing for you?

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