July 25-26 Featured Matches – Noxus Weekend

The Twisted Treeline

Noxus voted to play their Featured Weekend on the Twisted Treeline. Perhaps their allies from the Shadow Isles that they are going to be picking up will give them the home court advantage.

It’s a Noxus weekend with Noxus playing Piltover on Saturday, and Shurima on Sunday. Games will be worth +50% base point value, as usual, and with a lore event attached. Details of the lore event in question will be announced asap.

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2 comments on “July 25-26 Featured Matches – Noxus Weekend
  1. Heavyweapons ayyy says:

    Why are a whole bunch of Pilt high tiers subs for Noxus in game 3?

  2. Crazymasterbookworm876 says:

    I’m going to be missing Saturday….again…. :C

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