July 24 Champion Recruitment Poll Posted

League Champions Katarina

I have sent out the ballots for the July 24 Champion recruitment poll.

Piltover recruited Lux, a Tertiary Champion, last round. Tertiary Champions cost two pickups, and so Piltover does not receive a new Champion this week. Meanwhile, this is the second lost pickup for Shurima, as part of its partial early victory.

That leaves only Noxus. Two of the Champions on the Noxian list, Riven and Singed, have a nasty history together, and are mutually exclusive as recruitment options. Selecting Riven would signal a return to traditional Noxian virtues of strength with honor, while selecting Singed would tilt Noxus toward the “victory at any cost” ideology of the New Noxus movement.

If you didn’t get a ballot, check your spam folder. If you still can’t find a ballot, you can submit your name and email address here.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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2 comments on “July 24 Champion Recruitment Poll Posted
  1. Crazymasterbookworm876 says:

    Riven or Singed; yeah right. Thresh hype!

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