August 1-2 Featured Matches – Round Robin

Round Robin

We have another round robin set of featured matches this weekend. Each faction will get a chance to play all the other factions in the arc once each day (schedule of who plays who when is on the sign up form). We are back to the Summoners Rift now that the “select your battlefield” rotation is over. The games will be worth the standard BoP value for Featured Matches (150% base value of pickup match).

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3 comments on “August 1-2 Featured Matches – Round Robin
  1. Crazymasterbookworm876 says:

    I might not be able to make it for my game, I don’t know for sure. It all depends on how long this family event that sprung up at the last second takes. I will probably be able to make it, but I can’t say for sure.


    FACTIONX VS FACTIONY, the battle of the century :p

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