Create your Summoner


Seeing as Factions takes the scandalous and heretical view that you actually exist, we encourage people to come up with a Summoner persona. We’ll often incorporate these into story updates and the like.

Developing more coherent rules and guidelines for Summoner creation is presently a “back burner” project, but given the sustained high demand I’ve seen, I’ve taken a couple hours to put together a simple questionnaire to help you develop the general outline of your character. The results will be publicly visible, and will be shared around among lorestaff. We often find ourselves reaching for a Summoner character, and having this sort of info available makes that easier.

So, here’s the interim writeup form.

Summoner CreationWe are also working on a new and improved Factions Wiki to host more nicely formatted versions of characters; again, this is an interim measure which will hopefully help with that effort.

I’ve created a discussion thread on the forums.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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2 comments on “Create your Summoner
  1. Landis963 says:

    The Backstory example should only be 599 characters, as Han Solo is from Corellia, not “Correllia.”

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