Intermission: October 3-4 Featured Matches


Well, with the Lines in the Sands dispute officially over, we now transition into intermission. All the Featured Matches will now be using Intermission Rosters until the start of the next Arc, unless specified otherwise. So, grab a soda, some candy, and popcorn to snack on, and be sure to find your way back to your seat in time for when our featured presentation resumes in Arc VIII.

October 3 – The Coolest Faction Returns

The factions had been fighting over a title that had started as a bad pun for weeks before the dispute in Shurima was announced. The League had hoped that the nonsense was over once the actually dispute that had real world impact took place, and if the nations of Valoran had any sense at all they would take the incredibly obvious hint when the fight over the coolest faction ended because of fighting in a desert. Sadly, it seems they do not possess this common sense and have since started demanding their shot at claiming the title as the coolest faction.

My desk has a stack of paperwork up to my neck of nothing but various reasons people have submitted to be claims as to why their nation deserves the title of the coolest faction (I don’t even want to dignify this nonsense by capitalizing the meaningless title). There was even a 10 page essay from a middle school student in Zaun explaining how their advanced processes of harnessing pyrikhos to power generators that ran the AC units at their school was the coolest achievement ever seen in the history of Valoran.

I’ve decided to compromise. I shall give that student’s paper an F and recommend to their school they be forced to take a class in common sense and badassery, but I will agree to allow Zaun to be the next challenger for the title of the coolest faction. They will face Piltover, who was the last faction holding the title before the Shuriman dispute arose. Should Zaun succeed, they will become the new holder of the title and have to defend it as long as they can. If Piltover should emerge victorious, they will retain the title and continue to defend it for as long as they can, or by some miracle defeat every other faction and secure the title as theirs.

Rumors have spread throughout Zaun that the megacorps are handing out large cash prizes to summoners who can rip control of the coolest faction title out of Piltover’s hands. Likewise, there have been whisperings among Piltovians that the Mayor is offering scholarships, grants, and tax breaks to summoners who successfully fight off the Zaunites trying to steal their title.

October 4 – Freljord vs Noxus

Having firmly dominated the Balance of Power at the end of the Shuriman dispute, Noxus has proven itself over the power of the desert/sun/fire. Problem is, there is still that one time they lost to the power of ice when the Freljord defeated them in the Mirrorwater dispute. They are off to master the elements, or just trying to beat the Freljord in some matches on the Fields of Justice.


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One comment on “Intermission: October 3-4 Featured Matches
  1. Kuronan says:

    Wait, do we have a Reverse Avatar here? Fire Lord Ozai (Jericho Swain) is now the Avatar?

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