October 10-11 Featured Matches

Pirates, Ye Be Warned

Zaun has bested Piltover on the Fields, and claimed the title as the coolest faction as there own. No sooner had the summoners dismissed their summoning circles than the Zaunite wing of the Institute was flooded with challengers. The scientists of Zaun calculated that facing opponents drunk on rum would increase their odds of success by 37.2%. They accepted the challenge from Bilgewater, though Zaun may have second thoughts about their math now that several witnesses have seen Gangplank say, “Why is the rum gone?”

Black Ops

Ionia has the Kinkou Order, but Bandle City has the Swift Scouts and the Omega Squad. These two legendary elite forces have decided to battle on the Fields of Justice. While both are widely viewed as forces of good, a little friendly rivalry and competition between them should drive them to become even more effective special forces.

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