October 17-18 Featured Matches

The Will of the Desert

Zaun has broken the cycle and is holding onto the title as coolest faction for more than a week. However the ceaseless challenges for the title have continued to come flooding in. Zaun controls a significant amount of land in Shurima with its Leagued backed rights to the majority of the pyrikhos mines, and it seems likely their influence in the region will only grow stronger with its long standing ally Noxus having won the Shuriman dispute. As such, Zaun feels very confident it can defeat them on the fields; Zaun has accepted Shurima’s challenge and now they will face each other on the Fields of Justice.

Esports aren’t real sports

There has been an debate around the world on if Esports are really a sport. It is time to settle it once and for all, by having esports and sports compete in a video game, where obviously neither side has an advantage.


Esports Sports
  • Primetime Draven
  • TPA Dr. Mundo
  • TPA Ezreal
  • SKT T1 Jax
  • SKT T1 Lee Sin
  • TPA Nunu
  • TPA Orianna
  • SSW Rengar
  • TPA Shen
  • SSW Singed
  • SSW Talon
  • SSW Thresh
  • SSW Twitch
  • SKT T1 Vayne
  • SKT T1 Zed
  • SKT T1 Zyra
  • FNC Corki
  • FNC Gragas
  • FNC Janna
  • FNC Jarvan IV
  • FNC Karthus
  • All-Star Akali
  • Sweeper Alistar
  • Goalkeeper Blitzcrank
  • Ice Toboggan Corki
  • Dunkmaster Darius
  • Striker Ezreal
  • Striker Lucian
  • Goalkeeper Maokai
  • Curling Veigar
  • PAX Jax
  • Karate Kennen
  • Muay Thai Lee Sin
  • Traditional Lee Sin
  • Black Belt Udyr
  • Spirit Guard Udyr
  • Lil’Slugger Trundle
  • Vancouver Amumu
  • Union Jack Fiddlesticks
  • The Mighty Jax
  • Red Card Katarina
  • Red Card Twisted Fate

For these games and rosters, we will not be requiring someone to actually own one of the skins to play. We understand that not everyone has the money to spend on skins and don’t want to exclude people because of it. Instead, anyone can play with the champions regardless of the skins they have, and we are going to encourage everyone who owns an esports or sports skin to use it in the matches.

As a general rule for skin war matchups (matches with skin based rosters, like this matchup here), if a champion is overlapping in both teams, priority goes to the person who owns the skin listed.  If both or neither players own a skin, then priority goes to first come, first serve.

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