Revised Intermission Rosters

With Intermission recently started, it is time to review the revise the Intermission Rosters for everyone to play with. Matchstaff met up and revised some of the rosters. New champions that were released since the last intermission have been added, and a few champions have been moved around.


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Primary and Allied Champions

For Intermission, each faction has two Champion lists:

  • Primary Champions are always available to the faction.
  • Allied Champions are another faction’s Primary Champions. They are available to their Allied faction except against their Primary faction. (For example, Mundo is a Primary for Zaun and an Ally for Noxus. He is available to Noxus in all matches except Noxus versus Zaun matches.)
  • Champions can be Allied to more than one faction. If two such factions go up against each other, whichever faction chooses the Champion first gets them.

Please note that Intermission rosters are quite “generous”. In arcs, factions generally start with a smaller subset of Champions, and part of the meta-strategy component of the arc is deciding whom to recruit first. (In arcs, there are also often chances for factions to pick up more “eccentric” options based on a temporary allegiance.)

Quick Rosters

You can copy and paste these into the Search box in Champ Select.

Bandle City



Fizz|Gangplank|Graves|Miss Fortune|Nami|Nautilus|Diana|Jax|Tahm Kench|Twisted Fate|Katarina


Galio|Garen|Jarvan IV|Lux|Quinn|Shyvana|Vayne|Xin Zhao|Fiora|Lucian|Kayle|Sona|Taric|Alistar|Poppy|Nasus

The Freljord



Akali|Irelia|Karma|Kennen|Lee Sin|Master Yi|Shen|Soraka|Varus|Ahri|Wukong|Yasuo|Syndra|Zed|Sona|Jax|Udyr


Cassiopeia|Darius|Draven|Katarina|Leblanc|Sion|Swain|Talon|Urgot|Annie|Morgana|Vladimir|Riven|Dr. Mundo|Singed|Warwick|Zed|Elise|Mordekaiser



The Shadow Isles







Dr. Mundo|Singed|Warwick|Ekko|Twitch|Viktor|Zac|Blitzcrank|Jinx|Janna|Renekton|Twisted Fate|Urgot

Bandle City


Bandle City, home of hugs and cupcakes. But cross them and you might face a Bandle City Beatdown.

Primary Champions for Bandle City


Allied Champions for Bandle City


  • Amumu is primary for Shurima
  • Fizz is primary for Bilgewater
  • Heimerdinger  and Ziggs are primary for Piltover
  • Kennen is primary for Ionia
  • Braum is primary for the Freljord


Primary Champions for Bilgewater

Allied Champions for Bilgewater

  • Katarina is primary for Noxus


Primary Champions for Demacia

Allied Champions for Demacia

  • Poppy is primary for Bandle City
  • Nasus is primary for Shurima

The Freljord

Primary Champions for the Freljord

Allied Champions for the Freljord

  • Gnar is primary for Bandle City


Primary Champions for Ionia

Allied Champions for Ionia

  • Sona is primary for Demacia
  • Udyr is primary for the Freljord
  • Jax is primary for Bilgewater


Primary Champions for Noxus

Allied Champions for Noxus

  • Dr. Mundo is primary for Zaun
  • Singed is primary for Zaun
  • Warwick is primary for Zaun
  • Elise and Mordekaiser are primary for the Shadow Isles



Piltover, the City of Progress, Valoran’s greatest hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Primary Champions for Piltover

Allied Champions for Piltover

  • Blitzcrank is primary for Zaun
  • Corki is primary for Bandle City
  • Zac is primary for Zaun
  • Zilean is primary for Shurima
  • Nautilus is primary for Bilgewater

The Shadow Isles

Primary Champions for the Shadow Isles

Allied Champions for the Shadow Isles

  • Amumu is primary for Shurima
  • Urgot is primary for Noxus
  • Sion is primary for Noxus


Primary Champions for Shurima

Allied Champions for Shurima

  • Cassiopeia is primary for Noxus
  • Malzahar is primary for the Void
  • Rek’Sai is primary for the Void
  • Ezreal is primary for Piltover

The Void

Primary Champions for the Void


Primary Champions for Zaun

Allied Champions for Zaun

  • Janna is primary for Piltover
  • Renekton is primary for Shurima
  • Urgot is primary for Noxus
  • Twisted Fate is primary for Bilgewater

How do you decide which faction gets which Champions?

We look at three primary factors:

  1. Story. We start by looking at the official written lore. Sometimes, this is dispositive: for example, it’s pretty obvious that Swain will be fighting for Noxus, absent highly unusual circumstances. Often, though, the lore is somewhat ambivalent.
  2. Theme. We try to give each faction a cohesive in-game feel. For Piltover, that’s “steampunk”‘; for Zaun, that’s “mad science”; for Noxus, that’s “axes and spiky armor”. A good thematic fit can help nudge a Champion onto a roster.
  3. Gameplay. These limited rosters give each faction distinct strengths and weaknesses, and push Summoners to devise creative strategies that wouldn’t be necessary or viable in the 100+ Champion meta. We might give a Champion to a faction to help reinforce a strategy players have discovered, or to open up a new strategic option. More basically, sometimes we’ll pad a roster just to make it large enough to be playable. We also try to make sure each roster has some 450 IP (or at least 1350 IP) options.

We tend to begin with fairly small rosters and then allow factions to build them up through victories in important matches and interactive lore events. For tentative information on which Champions might fight for which factions in future storylines, visit the Factions of Runeterra page.

Intermission Matches

For unscored Intermission Matches, which do not affect the storyline, use theIntermission Rosters. All factions are playable in Intermission Matches, and anyone can fight for any faction (even against their “real” faction).

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