October 24-25 Featured Matches

Noxus will Rise

Shurima has taken ownership of the coolest faction title. However, many don’t believe that they can truly hold this title with how recently Noxus has defeated them in the dispute. Shurima seeks to prove them all wrong, and makes an unprecedented move by being the first faction to issue a challenge over the coolest faction title while actually holding it themselves.

Piltover vs Demacia

While they are long standing allies, there have been reports of  Demacian and Piltovian champions arguing with one another throughout the Institute. Apparently it began when Garen accidentally knocked over a shelf holding very valuable and sensitive lab equipment belonging to Heimerdinger, who promptly responded by calling him an “unevolved neanderthal.” Garen took offense to this comment, as he is clearly much stronger than a mere neanderthal, and started “holding the world up” by standing on one hand. This maneuver only made things worse as he knocked over a vile of chemicals onto the R-56 handheld clearwave signal radio prototype that Hiemerdinger and Jayce were working on together, completely ruining the project and all effort they had put into it.

Things have escalated since then, and tempers between the champions have started running thin. While the nations of Demacia and Piltover don’t condone the bickering and behavoir of their champions in this issue, they do realize the need for their champions to get along with eachother. They both agreed to face eachother on the Fields as a way to hopefully help their champions blow off some steam.

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