October 31-November 1: Harrowing Featured Matches

Remember, Cute and Cuddly

Noxus may have won the title of coolest faction, but the yordles of Bandle City have been walking confidently through the halls of the institute recently. With the festivals of the Harrowing coming, namely the wearing of costumes to get candy, the yordles know that they will soon have more candy than anyone can count. Their costumes are always the cutest and people give them candy by the handful. The Noxians view the smugness of the fuzzballs to be disrespectful to their recent victory and ownership of the highly sought after title. Noxus places their status as coolest faction on the line by facing Bandle City on the fields, in order to put the yordles in their place.

The Harrowing Comes for you, Mortals

Those who live far away from the Isles may treat the Harrowing as a reason to wear costumes and consume insane amounts of candy, but for Bilgewater this could not be farther from the truth. The hardened people living in the maritime nation must live through nightmares and horrors unimaginable. The Black Mists roll forth from the land of death and unleashes hordes of undead that mercilessly slay the living before they join the dead’s ranks. Bilgewater must fend off the forces of the Shadow Isles to prevent their nation being swallowed whole.

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