January 2-3 Featured Matches

January 3 – Ionia vs Demacia


Ionia has defeated Noxus and claimed the title as the coolest faction. It is the last faction to have fought for the title, seemingly securing it as their’s permanently. However, Demacia has pointed out that in the first set of matches for the title of coolest faction, between itself and Freljord, Demacia was in fact not fighting for its faction to claim the title. The Freljord had made the claim it was the coolest faction, but Demacia was fighting to prove that Crowned Prince Jarvan Lightshield the Fourth was the coolest man alive. As such, it has managed to secure a set of matches against Ionia to claim the title of coolest faction. Already other nations of the League are trying to use the fact that Demacia has been given a second chance at the title as reason for them to be given another shot as well.

January 3 – Bandle City vs Piltover


Piltover and Bandle City are both known for holding spectacular celebrations commemorating the start of the new year. Bandle City bakes the tastiest treats imaginable and Piltover shows off their latest technological achievements. This year, both nations are preparing to go all out with the festivities. Rumble does not wish for Piltover to potentionally outdo Bandle City and have the go to pary this year after the yordles have put so much effort in to this year’s event. He has set up a League dispute between Piltover and Bandle City to force the loser to cancel their New Year’s celebration this year.


Due to the low number of sign ups making a schedule would be problematic. Instead staff will look for players who want to play in factions chat at the start time of the games. The players who did sign up will be invited to the games first. The first game will be scheduled at the usual 1 pm Pacific, though the lobby will be made and invites started at roughly 15 minutes before the start time.

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One comment on “January 2-3 Featured Matches
  1. BetaDude40 says:

    Wow, Rumble’s… Rumble’s just a dick, isn’t he?

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