November 28-29 Featured Matches

November 28 – For Shon-Xan


Ionia is the only League nation left to have not had the opportunity to fight for the ever so important title of coolest faction. Their patience in the matter has paid off, as they now feel they have the opportunity to pay Noxus back for the devastation they brought to the Island of Shon-Xan, and their other past failed invasions of Ionia. They hope to humiliate the Noxians by taking the title of coolest faction away from them.

Naturally Noxus knows this will not be an easy matchup, having fought the Ionians to little success on several occasions. They however are confident that they can emerge victorious on the Fields and are already instructing their champions to train hard over the next week in preparation.

November 29 – The Great Turkey Hunt


Just south of the Freljord in the Ironspike Mountains is the home to a unique breed of Thickskin Turkeys. It is common for hunters from the Freljord to hunt them late Fall. However Zaun has become aware of the Turkey’s presence since gaining control over , and having researchers and soldiers present at, the Nexus in the mountain range. Singed believes he could study compounds in their blood to create new formulas for his chemicals and wishes to bring a great number of them to Zaun for further research.

It is quite likely that the population of the Turkey’s will be unable to survive for very long if both the Freljord and Zaun hunt them for an extended period of time. The Freljord does not feel confident in sending soldiers to deny access to Zaun and risk a military response, and  Zaun is reluctant to send out the Hexcorps for a pet project of Singed’s. Both sides have agreed to settle the matter on the fields to avoid conflict.


I know that there was some confusion as to the schedule last weekend. I had just announced that featured matches will start at 1:00 pm Pacific time for the remainder of intermission a few weeks before, but had the sign ups and schedule all say 12:30 for game 1. That was an accident on my part as I was juggling RL and Factions work in my limited time. So, to clarify, this weekend’s game will start at 1:00pm Pacific time.

This week, there were very few sign ups, which I believe is due to the fact that it was Thanksgiving just a couple days ago and people couldn’t commit to playing this weekend. So, once again we will be playing without a schedule, inviting people in factions chat at game time. The few who did sign up will be invited first, but games will be dependent on players showing up and volunteering.

Lastly, there is a pretty good chance that I will be forced to miss a few of the featured matches this weekend. I have asked Umidaiko, one of our members of matchstaff, to take over for me if I can’t make any of the games Saturday or Sunday. Expect invites and messages in chat from him around game time.

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