January 30 – 31 Featured Matches

Saturday, January 30 – Shadow Isles vs Zaun


Shadow Isles defeated Freljord, thereby starting this whole mess of a bad pun gone wrong, took the title back by defeating Ionia, and has now defended it against Bilgewater. The Shadow Isles now feels as though its coolness is undeniable having defeated all the factions that opposed them in the Nyroth dispute in the ever more important dispute over the coolest faction title. They now feel confident and strong enough to challenge a titan, Zaun. The faction of Zaun has proven itself to be a powerhouse of the Fields of Justice, and is so certain of victory over the Isles that it is already planning which faction it will challenge in the next round of the competition for the title of coolest faction.

Sunday, January 31 – The Freljord vs Shurima


The Freljord, a frozen land of ice residing on the northern edge of Valoran; Shurima, a desert nation known for the blazing heat of its sun. It would seem this too factions would be too geographically isolated from one another and have so little in common to fight over that there should be very few disputes for the League to settle between the two nations. Yet, it seems that nearly any nation at any time can be provoked into a dispute. Ashe, official Queen of the Freljord, and Azir, Shurima’s resurrected emperor, bumped into one another on accident while walking through the League’s halls. Ashe’s frost arrows spilled out and embedded themselves into a sand soldier of the Shuriman. It instantly disintegrated into sand and Ashe’s frost arrows were now covered in sand. Azir boldly yelled, “Shurima, you got frost in my sand, Shurima!” and Ashe declared, “You got sand in my frost!” An apprentice summoner passing by tried to eat the mixture of Shuriman sand and Freljordian frost, and as expected was frozen alive and burnt to a crisp simultaneously. The two leaders nearly tried to kill one another over the incident before the League intervened and ordered them to battle it out on the Fields.


Once again the amount of sign ups fell just short of needing to make an official schedule. As per usual those who signed up will be invited first and then the rest of the players slots will be available will be filled by asking for volunteers in factions chat. Both days start at 1 pm and are a best of 3 match set up.


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