February 13-14 Featured Matches

February 13 – Zaun vs Piltover


Zaun stood viktorious over the Shadow Isles. Overall, Zaun’s reaction to their viktory is similar to that of the Sun rising: it was the only expected outcome. Shortly after the viktory, the critically acclaimed show Mythbreakers received a piece of fan mail asking for the show to confirm or break the myth that Zaun is undeniably cooler than Piltover. Viktor agreed to push Zaun to accepting Piltover’s challenge in the coolest faction competition, in honor of the loyal fan.

February 14 – Demacia vs Noxus



Tensions between Noxus and Demacia in the institute have started to boil over. The two nations are going to be brawling it out on the Fields to hopefully blow off some steam. It’s a pretty common occurrence for these 2 nations; just 3 weeks ago they nearly declared war on each other (before it was turned into a League match to settle the issue) when Garen claimed Leblanc tripped him while they passed each other in the Institute’s halls. In preparation, Darius has been seen obliterating training dummies with his axe as practice. When asked about why he was so intensively training for just a game, he replied, “It’s not a game, this is war!”


Once again sign ups have fallen short of warranting a full schedule. Those who did sign up will be invited first at game time, as per the standard, and volunteers from chat will be asked for to fill the teams.

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