March 19-20 Featured Matches

Saturday, March 19 – Zaun vs the Void



Zaun has held the title of coolest faction for a record setting 3 challengers in a row. Now, many claim that the only force in Valoran capable of stopping them is the infinite power of the void. It shall face them, and see if the faction that has so famously mastered the use of the void use can defeat the force that created it.

Sunday, March 20 – Bandle City vs Demacia


Yesterday, Bandle City hosted a cute and cuddly contest in the Institute. Several of the Yordles competed, and quite surprisingly so did Lux; unconfirmed rumors have stated that Lux and Ezreal were seen fighting shortly before the competition and she was hoping to make the Piltovian boy jealous. Gnar won the competition by a wide margin, with Teemo coming in second. Lux was outraged when the results went so horribly against her, and declared that the yordles would be humiliated on the fields for the bias in the competition. An hour later Demacia submitted a form to face Bandle City on the Summoner’s Rift.

Sign Up

Thank you to everyone who signed up. All those who did will receive an invite at the start of the featured matches. For those who did not sign up yet, you are still able to play. We will start filling empty player slots by asking for volunteers in factions chat after sending out the invites to everyone who signed up.


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