March 5-6 Featured Matches

March 5 – Zaun vs the Freljord


Zaun continues their reign of coolness by defeating Piltover. Now, they take on place so cool you risk frostbite just from looking at it. We’re talking about the Freljord folks. People were saying that the Freljord is so cool that if the the ever wise and kind Lissandra were placed in charge of the League, all of Valoran would be covered in ice as the coolness emanated out of the Institute of War.

March 6 – Bilgewater vs Ionia


Bilgewater, Ionia, and Freljord were negotiating in the Institute over a maritime trading treaty in effect which was making it hard for to ship merchandise on the high seas. Diplomatic relations broke down when while pressing for Bilgewater’s interests Gangplank told the Ionian delegation, “I’ll swim your elbows.” Ionia was outraged at the vulgar insult and it seemed the two nations would go to war had the League not ordered them to battle on the fields. When reporters asked Gangplank if he would consider apologizing to smooth the situation over, allowing diplomacy to resume, he curtly replied, “I’ll ban your stomach!”

Sign Up

Thank you to everyone who signed up. All the players who signed up will be invited at the start off the games before we move onto gathering volunteers from factions chat to finish filling the teams. Games begin at 1pm pacific time both days and each game is estimated to start an hour after the one before it.


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