The MetaPoll—How Should We Structure the Arc VIII Faction Selection Vote?


It’s just about time to post the poll to decide which factions will participate in Arc VIII. This raises the question of how we’re going to structure that vote. We know that Noxian Summoners from Lines in the Sand will, as their prize for winning the arc, get a private vote to select a faction, as has always been the Factions tradition. But what about the other two or three factions?

I’ve outlined some options, and set up an impromptu (meta-)poll, in this thread. (I would be remiss not to note that this poll is not intended to be a binding vote; it’s just a way to gauge opinion. Your arguments will likely count at least as much as your vote!)

Speak up, and get your “I Meta-Voted” sticker today.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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