March 26-27 Featured Matches

Saturday, March 26 – Zaun vs Shurima


Zaun has been steamrolling through their competition, and it may soon be undeniable that it is the coolest faction. Everyone’s former enthusiasm has cooled nearly overnight. The mountain of challenges for the title disappeered and it seemed as though no one would dare face Zaun’s titanic power on the fields. At the last minute a strange, bird-like creature entered into my office and delivered a form to challenge Zaun. In bewilderment I tried to inquire as to why this creature was brave enough to challenge Zaun while everyone else was hiding in fear. I got nothing but chirping in response.

Sunday, March 27 – The Shadow Isles vs Piltover



Jayce turned to Heimerdinger, “You are certain that this is the location?”

The yordle scientist checked the positioning system in their seaplane, “Based on the likely dumping sites and ocean currents this is the most probable location where they could have drifted to.” Jayce nodded and motioned for the pilot to land on the ocean below. He hoped the equipment didn’t take long. The seaplane the academy had provided them was barely large enough to fit two adult humans, let alone an extra yordle and his underwater radiation detection devices.

The plane was skillfully landed on the calm ocean surface. The pilot looked at Heimerdinger, “That device of yours was nearly too heavy to let us  take off.” She looked at the fuel gauge, “Cut our fuel window in half. Got just enough to make it back to Piltover. I don’t like cutting it this close though. If you find anything you feel the need to take back with you it won’t be coming onto my bird.”

Jayce nodded, “We understand. We’re only here to confirm the academy’s theory of where they bodies could have drifted. If we are successful we’ll need a very large submersible vehicle to retrieve them.

“Bodies? I didn’t think a bunch of scientists would be looking into some kind of murder investigation. Wouldn’t that be Caitlyn’s department?”

“We aren’t looking into a simple crime within Piltover’s jurisdiction. We have reason to believe that corporations from Zaun caused the deaths of over a dozen individuals while experimenting with a compound outlawed by the League and dumped the bodies into the ocean to get rid of the evidence. It ought to decay and leave a faint ra-“

“I believe I have found the evidence we are looking for,” Heimerdinger yelled out from behind, though he seemed very distraught in his voice.

It had taken much less time than anticipated, something wasn’t right. Jayce looked behind the cockpit to see that Heimerdinger’s device hadn’t even been deployed yet. He moved to the rear door of the plane where the yordle was standing, looking out at the ocean, “How can you possible know that? Why would we haul this thing around with us if you aren’t even going to take it -” He stopped mid sentence as he looked out the door.

A massive translucent Noxian war galleon shined green light across the ocean as dark clouds moved overhead. The air grew cold and every living thing’s instincts told them to run away as far as you can travel.

“Join in death’s symphony!” Karthus’ eternal smile reflected his joy as he carved several notches into his staff. “Be elevated beyond what your once mortal minds could comprehend.”

The decks of the translucent galleon filled as bony hands gripped its hull and arms with bits of flesh still clinging to bone pulled decaying bodies upwards. Many of those no longer among the living had joined its crew, yet there was still more. Karthus would bring undeath to all of Runeterra and free them of their mortal bindings.

The Deathsinger now saw a small vessel floating on the ocean surface. Living souls resided within. They had not been what drawn him hear, but it was to their benefit that they encountered him. He would give them his gift and free them of pain and fear.

Jayce was shocked at the sudden appearance of the ship, but why would Heimerdinger declare that this had anything to do with the evidence they came for? Jayce took a closer look at the undead climbing aboard the ghost ship.

They’re wasn’t much skin left but the signs were still faintly visible. Burning around the eyes, nose, and mouth; dark discoloration of the skin; the signs of the chemical deaths these people had suffered before Karthus had desecrated their corpses and turned them into these monstrosities.

Jayce’s disgust of what the liche had done was shortly replaced fear as the plane shook. He looked down to see dead climbing onto the pontoon floats of the seaplane. Karthus’ voice yelled out, “Shed your mortal toils. The chorus of death awaits you.”

Jayce shouted to the pilot, “Get us out of here!”

“We’re too heavy. The dead and the device are weighing us down.”

Jayce braced his back against the wall of the plane and planted his feet on Heimerdinger’s device. He struggled against its weight but managed to push it overboard. It tumbled down and smashed the skull of a dead climbing onto the plane before colliding onto one of the pontoons and sliding down into the ocean.

The plane began listing to the side as the float lost buoyancy. “What the hell are you doing to my bird!”

“It can still fly. Take off already.”

A loud thud accompanied a large dent caving in from the ceiling of the plane. Jayce grabbed the Mercury Hammer he had laying on the floor of the plane. “I’ll go see to whatever made that. Heimer, keep the dead from getting inside.”

“What do you expect me to do? I am ill equipped to fight in these brutish contests of strength, having left all my weapons at the academy.”

“Your a smart guy. I’m sure you’ll think of something, but if you really insist you can take my job.” Jayce pointed at the ceiling. Another dent was punched in roof.

The yordle picked a wrench he had been using to adjust his device, “Right, keep them out of the plane.”

Jayce reached his arm around the top of the doorway and grabbed the roof of the plane. He pulled himself up and peeked his head over to see what was causing the commotion.

A chain struck him square in the face. Dazed, Jayce fell into the water below. He grogily looked up and saw the Chain Warden standing atop the plane. He hadn’t seen Thresh on the ship, only Karthus and his dead. Where had he come from?

Jayce looked around to see where his hammer had fallen, having dropped it during his fall. It was laying on the pontoon of the plane. He started swimming towards it but felt a bony grip on his leg pull him down into the water.

He struggled to keep his head above water as he blindly kicked down, trying to knock the undead off. Jayce looked down into the water below and saw more undead swimming towards him. There were enough dead to drag him down to the depths and drown him before Karthus turned him into one of them.

Michelus Magnus yawned, cutting Jayce off mid-story. “Yeah, so is this story getting anywhere?”

The Piltovian scowled at the summoner, “Going somewhere? Karthus and the Shadow Isles have clearly overstepped. They have attacked a civilian, Heimerdinger, and myself; desecrated the corpses of victims of Zaun’s ethicless experimentation; and not to mention taking the evidence of corporate crimes. We are demanding they surrender the corpses removed of their necromantic influence so that they can be examined for evidence of crimes against League law before being returned to their families, and that justice is brought to the-”

“You really want to start talking about justice with a Demacian?” Michelus, raised an eyebrow. “Look, I’m sure you’re really upset and this is an important matter to you but this is the Institute of War, the League of Legends. We deal with world wars and avoiding apocalypses on a weekly basis. That’s the kind of disputes you are competing with for use of the Fields”

Michelus stood up, “Here’s the deal, it’s three o’clock  and I haven’t even had my lunch break yet. Just make sure you have all your paperwork in order and I’ll see what I can do about settling this on the fields.” He walked out of the office and waved a farewell to Jayce.

Jayce clenched a fist in anger, “Pencil pushing bureaucrat.”

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Saturday, March 26 – Zaun vs Shurima

Sunday, March 27 – The Shadow Isles vs Piltover

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  1. CupcakeTrap says:

    I loved the second story. I think that’s something we could make canon, perhaps with some revision.

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