Summoner’s Herald Report—Nexus Flux Closes Fields of Justice


Nexus Flux Closes Fields of Justice; Institute Archsummoners Investigating

by Yinna Furrolish, Staff Reporter

23 March, 26 CLE.
INSTITUTE OF WAR—Summoner dArtagnan announced this afternoon that all Fields of Justice in the northern circuit have been closed down for an investigation of reported nexus flux phenomena. Earlier today, an arcane event of unknown origin triggered a distortion in the channeling conduits connected with those Fields, causing a number of Champions and Summoners to be thrown out of their summoning circles, placed into a phase trance, or in some cases spontaneously teleported as far as Nyroth. No fatalities or serious injuries have been reported.

The Council has decreed that all high-energy magic within thirty miles of the affected Fields be discontinued until further notice. Archsummoner Venisso Memsley has confirmed that rapid response teams of Summoners and Champions have been dispatched to enforce this mandate and to investigate reported phenomena believed to be linked to the nexus flux. Archsummoner Memsley further confirmed that these phenomena include spatial rifts, elemental manifestations, necromantic field formation, and even localized chronoshifts. Extreme caution is advised.

The Council has thus far declined to proffer an explanation for this incident. Nexus flux is known to occur where an imbalance in leyline energy causes spontaneous shifts in the valence within a nexus core, manifesting at times as temporal dilation or temporary losses of Champion–Summoner connection. It appears that these flux incidents, however, had magnitudes in the megathaumic range. If so, this would be the first time that such instability has been noted in nexuses associated with Fields of Justice, which tend to be highly resistant to thaumic fluctuations.

Summoner Joff Messingblute, Special Advisor to the College for Extradimensional Inquiry at the Institute of War, issued a statement which the College has stressed is the Summoner’s personal perspective only.

“So, at Kalamanda, the League used chronomancy to stop, quite literally to stop, in, ah, in time, just in the nick of time they might say, a Demacian army, and a Noxian army. Right on top of an unstable, newly discovered nexus. Which is what they were fighting over, of course. So of course there were, ah, hundreds of cases of severe chronodisplasia, that’s more than were on record for all years prior. And we started to observe chronomantic distortions, all, ah, all around the area. So what did the Council do? In their great wisdom? Well. They saw the, ah, mess they’d made, if you’ll forgive my saying so, and before we could get a really good look at the extent of the damage, they built a Field of Justice. The Crystal Scar. Right on top of all…that. Now, my specialty is, ah, is chaos magic, and magical chaos, and that, that right there, is a recipe for it. But hey, what’s the problem, they said. New Field of Justice. The Crystal Scar. It’s fast, it’s fun. What’s the harm. Well. Maybe we’re looking at it right now. The Field drained those nexuses dry in, what, a matter of years? Not decades, like the ‘experts’ at the Council predicted? So they, ah, just months ago, you were all patting each other on the back for the early closure. Kalamanda’s fixed! All…solved. It was fast, it was fun. It was very fast. Orders of magnitude faster than it should have been. Well. Now. Not long after the Council drained a wild, chronomantically displaced chain of nexuses to, to nothing, we see nexus flux on the Twisted Treeline, on Summoner’s Rift. And it’s surprising to me that we have an Archsummoner of the League, a learned man, by, by all accounts, saying he has no idea what caused this. To me, that’s, that’s what’s extraordinary here. And of course, this is all, not so very long after the Council sanctioned the use of rune magic to restore, to ‘restore’, the nexus at the heart of the Nyrothian leyline convergence, an enormous geomantic phenomenon we’d only barely begun to study. So maybe we should be asking, ah, how many times can we play god with the planet and its arcanosphere, before, before we should stop being surprised when things go wrong?”

The Council expresses confidence that the issues will soon be rectified.

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