April 16-17 Featured Matches

Arc VIII Factions Selected


The factions for Arc VIII have been chosen. The Void and Bandle City are allying against the Freljord and Bilgewater. Of course there will still be inter alliance tension that will allow the factions in an alliance with each other to still compete with each other.

While the arc has not started yet and the last few details are sorted out, we can still start playing the factions for fun and try them out before declaring for a particular faction for the arc’s duration. To better reflect how the factions will play and look at the start of the arc, we’ll be using the core rosters (not using secondary or tertiary champions) from the current draft of faction rosters.

For these games, we’ll be looking at the inter alliance matchups and play the allies against each other. Saturday will be the Void vs Bandle City, and Sunday will be Bilgewater vs the Freljord.

Champion Rosters


To avoid confusion and make it easier on those who don’t want to look up through all the faction rosters, here are the rosters we will be using.


Gangplank|Graves|Miss Fortune|Twisted Fate|Fizz|Illaoi|Nami

The Freljord


Bandle City


The Void (Icathia)


Sign Up

Remember, this is still intermission and no one has declared loyalty to any of the factions yet, so feel free to play for any of the factions.

Saturday, April 16 – The Void vs Bandle City

Sunday, April 17 – Bilgewater vs the Freljord

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