April 23-24 Featured Matches


We are currently experiencing some difficulties with our evil containment spells and are having a massive influx of evil as a result. We apologize for the inconvenience and strongly encourage all those with weak stomachs to stop viewing the evil immediately. Seek medical attention if the horrifying visions last more than 4 hours.
Unless you like evil, in which case League Factions is happy to supply you with that extra evil flare you are always longing for. All our evil is raised being fed nothing but evil, to give it that double evil juiced-in goodness you can’t find anywhere else. As good as good tastes, nothing quite compares with the sweetness of evil.


This week we’re going to be continuing with the Arc VIII factions for featured matches. Once again, these will be intermission games and so anyone is able to play for any faction they want. Remember to sign up to guarantee a spot for you and the chance to play for the faction you want.

Saturday, April 23, is going to feature the Freljord vs the Void, while Sunday, April 24, will featured Bandle City vs Bilgewater. The first game for both days is scheduled to start at 1:00 pm Pacific time. Remember to show up early as invites start before then.

Champion Rosters


To better reflect how the factions will play and look at the start of the arc, we’ll be using the core rosters (not using secondary or tertiary champions) from the current draft of faction rosters.

To avoid confusion and make it easier on those who don’t want to look up through all the faction rosters, here are the rosters we will be using.


Gangplank|Graves|Miss Fortune|Twisted Fate|Fizz|Illaoi|Nami

The Freljord


Bandle City


The Void (Icathia)


Sign Up

Saturday, April 23 – the Freljord vs the Void

Sunday, April 24 – Bandle City vs Bilgewater

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