Nyroth Update 20 (Krocylea) Published


The Council has at least unsealed the account of the Battle of Krocylea, which took place during the Nyroth dispute in 24 CLE.

Many thanks to Abiwon Kenabi for tackling this enormous project. Knowing she was handling this enabled me to focus my energy on other aspects of preparing for the next arc. Writing big battle scenes like this is hard.

You can read the update here. A brief introduction follows.

The Consular Archives were heavy with the scent of wet stone. The dark gray walls were black where thin sheets of clear water ran down their faces. Some expressed surprise on seeing a library with waterfalls; streams of water seemed like the last thing you’d want near your most precious books and scrolls, save perhaps an open flame. But the people saying this weren’t often mages. Mages could feel the magic protecting this place, which documented the flow of history from then to now.

Arch-Historian Salston Railsley stood behind a glass altar in the center of the chamber. He held a knife in one hand, and a hammer in the other. Champions flanked him, with their Summoner assistants close at hand:

From the Shadow Isles, Karthus, the Deathsinger. With a skeletal Summoner, two points of green light visible within the shadow of her hood, above the fixed grin that lies beneath every mortal face.

From the Freljord, Lissandra, the Ice Dervish. With a Summoner who in service to the Frostguard had lost his left hand to a dire wolf, and whose left sleeve was sewn shut.

From Ionia, Shen, the Eye of Twilight. With a Summoner who stood with his left shoulder forward, feet in the classical fencing stance of the Kinkou.

From Bilgewater, Illaoi, the Kraken Priestess. With a Summoner whose face was painted in green and blue pigment that never seemed to dry, or lose its wet sheen.

And because sometimes reality finds itself manifested in ceremony, off to either side stood Talon of Noxus and Lux of Demacia, representatives of the League’s founding states.

Down the central hallway came Summoner Abiwon Kenabi, bearing a book bound in black granite “covers” that sealed together at each edge, so that it appeared to be a tablet of solid stone. A purple and gold ribbon held it shut. On either side of the Summoner stood Jayce and Poppy, her honor guards.

She held the book up. The enchanted stone was supernaturally heavy, and her arms strained to support its weight.

“An account of the exploration of Krocylea, and the battle that followed,” the young Summoner said, and placed the book down on the altar.

The Arch-Historian traced a spell with the point of the knife. “By the Council, I release this seal.” He slid the blade beneath the ribbon, twisted it edge-up, and drew it back. The ribbon snapped, and then dissolved into vanishing motes of light.

The four Summoners flanking the altar raised their hands, each enveloped by a blue flame that shone light down upon the unsealed book. Runeterran magic knew no deception that could withstand this scrutiny.

The Arch-Historian held out the knife. Summoner Abiwon Kenabi touched the blade with her fingertip, and pressed until a bead of bright red blood glittered in the light. She pressed the fingertip into the book’s cover, marking the black stone with a crimson stain. She swore her oath.

“Verum dico.”

There was a moment of silence. When the oath-spell noticeably did not shatter the stone and rip the Summoner apart from the inside, the ceremony proceeded.

The Arch-Historian swung the hammer down into the book’s cover. The hammer’s steel head broke into shards, exactly as stone would have, and steel absolutely should not.

An attendant swept the broken metal away into a cloth sack, and took the knife and hammer-handle.

The Arch-Historian placed his hand upon the book’s stone cover. “It is accepted into the archives.”

The lettering of the title page rose up through the black stone cover, which was now etched in red with letters reading


Illaoi’s voice filled the silence. “And what does it say?”

There were nods and murmurs around the chamber. There had presumably been a reason why the League had sealed the records from Krocylea for so long. Between the runespells, the Void incursion, and the summoning of Aatrox, it was easy to imagine what those reasons might be.

Summoner Abiwon Kenabi looked around. “Oh. Should I just…? Okay.” She reached out and opened the book.  The stone cover clacked down on the glass surface of the altar. The ink on the parchment inside began to glow as she read.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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