Arc VIII Begins May 23 (Rosters Posted)

Arc VIII – Divinity

Arc VIII Factions

It has been known in the forums for a few weeks now, but it’s time to officially announce it here on the main site. Arc VIII, Divinity, will start on May 23.

With World Systems reworked, match rules reviewed, and the essential lore being caught up, we are finally ready to start Arc VIII in just a few days.

Arc VIII is featuring a special format of a 2v2 faction fight. The factions in this arc, decided by community votes, are Icathia (the Void) and Bandle City vs Bilgewater and the Freljord. This 2v2 setup gives each faction an ally where summoners may substitute freely with their allied faction. So, e.g., a summoner who has declared for Bandle City may play games for Bandle City and Icathia, so long as Icathia is not fighting against Bandle City, their own faction (in which case they would only be able to play for Bandle City). There is going to be inter-alliance conflicts as well as the overall conflict between the two alliances. So there will be more variety in games and several different potential outcomes in the arc.

Champion Rosters

Each faction will start with their core roster available to them to use in game. As the arc progresses, the factions will pick up more champions from their secondary and tertiary pools. Each faction will pick up all their secondaries by the end of the arc, through faction summoner votes.

Bandle City

Core roster: Corki|Lulu|Rumble|Gnar|Teemo|Tristana|Veigar|Poppy

Secondary Options: Ziggs|Heimerdinger|Kennen|Amumu
BC Secondaries


Core RosterGangplank|Graves|Miss Fortune|Twisted Fate|Fizz|Illaoi|Nami

Secondary Options: Nautilus|Diana|Tahm Kench|Jax
Bilge Secondaries

The Freljord

Core Roster: Ashe|Braum|Tryndamere|Lissandra|Sejuani|Volibear|Olaf|Anivia

Secondary Options: Gragas|Udyr|Trundle|Nunu
Frel Secondaries

Icathia (the Void)

Core Roster: Malzahar|Rek’Sai|Kog’Maw|Vel’Koz|Kha’Zix|Cho’Gath

Secondary Options: Nocturne|Aatrox|Brand|Varus
Void Secondaries

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