Divinity Champion Recruitment—Week Two

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The first round of Champion recruitment is complete! The rosters have been updated as of 3 June, 26 CLE. The following introductory snippets were written by AbiwonKenabi, CupcakeTrap, and ShadowKnight1224.


Trundle, the Troll King, has declared for the Freljord. Before entering the League, Trundle turned a jumbled band of bickering troll tribes into a unified nation. They had chieftains, and he gave them something better: a king. Now, he tells them, it’s time to trade up and get some better gods, too. Some more conservative shamans protested that this was sacrilege, and Trundle freed them of the confines of their mortal coils at the bargain price of one very brief (though admittedly also very intense) headache apiece. Those who stuck around (and not in the sense of bits of them sticking to his club) were treated to a fuller explanation. He called in some favors with Sejuani, and she secured his entrance into the dispute. He brings with him trollish spirit-shamans and frost-speakers, told to bundle up every old relic or artifact they can find. Trolls are moving up in the world, he says, and they might as well move up in the world beyond while they’re at it.



Varus, the Arrow of Retribution, has declared for Icathia. When Noxus invaded his homeland, Varus held to the oath he had taken as a temple guardian to protect the temple’s inner sanctum, trusting in the spirits to guide his family to safety. Through his valor, the dark power sealed within the temple did not fall into Noxian hands. Though victorious against the Noxians who attacked the temple, in the aftermath of the battle he found his village razed and his wife and son killed. He cursed the gods that had betrayed him, and renounced his oath, breaching the sanctum he had defended at such great cost and seizing the dark power within. He became vengeance incarnate, and devoted himself to hunting down the Noxians who butchered his village. So long as the war lasted, the Noxian Eighth Legion was said to be cursed by a murderous phantom archer, following after them and striking their sentries dead in the small hours of the night with cursed arrows that whistled out of nowhere and invariably killed whoever they struck. After the war, he entered the League, and on the Fields of Justice he learned to channel his new power. When Discord marched on Noxus, he was there. And in the final battle of the war for Shon-Xan, on the eve of truce, Varus killed the last veteran of the Eighth Legion, and watched her fall into a heap of her dead comrades.

Karma had said he would find no peace in vengeance, but he did. I’ve given Varus the man the last thing he ever wanted, the darkness said. And now only we remain. Varus saw the mortal world fall away, revealing a landscape either divine or profane. The realm of the temple spirits, and the darkness within the temple. Divinity called to him, and he would answer. There is a ruined land across the sea, and in its heart a door that Ionia will open…go with them, see that their fate is fulfilled. And when the door opens, look for its light beneath the black waves, in the Guardian’s Sea…


Amumu, the Sad Mummy, has joined the dispute for Divinity on the side of Bandle City. The Yordles’ eyes always furrow with concern when they see Amumu’s figure shuffle alone up the steps of the Institute, cursed to remain alone. When they can, they welcome him with open arms, and Amumu has come to appreciate their hospitality. He lends his strength to the closest things he has to friends, knowing his unique gifts will fill gaps in Bandle City’s roster. The Yordles smile, and offer him their best sweets. Amumu has the brief urge to smile back, almost forgetting his curse. But it’s hard to forget when you go to sign the paperwork and the parchment shrivels at your touch.


Nautilus, the Titan of the Depths, has declared for Bilgewater. There are people in Bilgewater with long memories, people who’ve stayed alive because they remember important details. These people remember that when Nautilus emerged from the shore, he was dripping thick black water, which evaporated into dark mist upon touching the ground. Some of these tales made it into the League’s voluminous archives, and when well-read Summoners saw reports of a pillar of impenetrable darkness moving across the ocean, circling the divine nexus like a predator, they remembered the Titan of the Depths. Rumour has it that Nautilus heard the Summoners’ pitch with the stillness of the dead and simply asked, in a deep, ponderous tone, “Where do I sign?”

Caitlyn, you monster.

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