This Week in the Institute, Episode 1


by ChroniclerC

Hello Runeterra!  From Summoner to sideline, from Noxus to Nyroth, welcome to This Week in the Institute!  I’m your host, Lien Keysmith, snoop extraordinaire, and the Institute of War has asked me to bring you this weekly report.  So much has happened since the discovery of the underwater nexus in the Guardian’s Sea, and I aim to tell you all of it!

The Race Begins!

On May 23rd, 26 CLE, the Fields of Justice were opened for the adjudication of the conflict in the Guardian’s Sea.  Summoners lined up in front of the council chambers to declare their allegiances to the Maritime Confederation of Bilgewater, the Amicable Lands of Bandle City, the United Tribes of the Freljord, and the Lost City of Icathia. While many nations raced to claim the newborn nexus, these four nations were granted jurisdiction of the area by their strongest claims.  Bilgewater and the Freljord believe the nexus to be a link to primal natural power, while Icathia and Bandle City believe it to be a stepping stone to something more cosmic.  Only time, and a great number of contests on Summoner’s Rift, will determine who gets to be right.

The Institute would like me to remind all Summoners, regardless of their home states, who wish to contribute their voice and skills to the conflict to report to the council chambers to declare for one of these four factions.

Any Summoners bold enough to venture to the conflict site personally should speak with Councillor Myron Dawncastle.

To the Fields of Justice!

The Rift was busy this past weekend, with major stakes on the line.

First up on Saturday, a set of matches between Bandle City and the Freljord.  A prophesized shard of True Ice was discovered in the contested zone by a join team, who agreed to League adjudication over possession of the artifact.  While Bandle City lost the first round, the second and third rounds were won by outstanding displays by Poppy and Rumble in the top lane.  As such, the shard is currently in-transport via Velocitronic Rail to Bandle City.  Timi’u, The Argyran Yordle sage who scried the location of the shard, will likely be on his way there as well to study it.

On Sunday, Bilgewater triumphed over Icathia in a stunning three-to-nothing sweep.  Both sides had taken interest in a pair of exceptionally talented mages who came to blows in the conflict zone, with devastating effect to their battleground.  Insufficient evidence was found to determine who was more at fault, so each was sponsored by the two nations in a trial on the Fields of Justice.  Bilgewater’s victory ensures a negligible sentence for Zomo of the Coral Temple, while Jane “Korzari” Bluefield will remain incarcerated under Institute custody.

Upcoming contests

And this upcoming weekend promises to be just as busy!  Saturday, the Rift will host Bilgewater and Bandle City, while on Sunday, Icathia and the Freljord take the Field of Justice.

Deep underwater in the conflict zone a Bandle City submersible team discovered an unusual contraption.  It’s exact purpose is murky, but what is clear is that the machine generates its own power as a by-product of its operation; a “perpetual motion machine”.  But before they could fully recover it, an archeological team from Bilgewater stepped in, asserting that the ruins it was found in were of a temple of Nagakoboros, and that everything found within is thereby cultural property of Bilgewater.  Bandle City of course disagrees, stating that the machine is clearly not related to the rest of the site, and that Bilgewater is welcome to “keep their soggy temple”.  The League will settle their claim on Saturday.

Meanwhile, a married Noxian couple, both Summoners, were murdered in their home on the neutral grounds near the Institute.  Normally, the investigation of an attack on Summoners would be handled in-house by the Institute.  However, the pair had declared for separate sides in the current dispute, with Miriam DesChamps declaring for the Freljord, and Gregor LaRue declaring for Icathia.  Both Factions have claimed an obscure precedent to investigate the murder themselves, but neither side trusts the other.  My own sources claim that many people in either Faction believes the other to actually be behind the crime.  Jurisdiction will be settled on Sunday on the Rift.

Tweaks to the Rift

The Institute will be completing some routine maintenance to the Nexuses of Summoner’s Rift later this week and, as usual, this will cause some minor adjustments to their thaumic fields.  Of note to the current conflict:

-Anivia of Freljord, Corki of Bandle City, Illaoi of Bilgewater, and Vel’Koz of Icathia will all notice changes to their Summoner bonds, with all but Anivia the stronger for it.

-Several of the “Boot” artifacts have had their proxies on the Rift reconstructed, making some slightly slower, while enhancing the magical qualities of others.

-And the fan-favorite “Trinity Force” artifact is now constructed with a Stinger blade, instead of the twin Zeal blades.  This will, obviously, alter its properties slightly.

For those seeking a comprehensive rundown on the arcane modifications to the Fields of Justice, the Institute has published a full write-up, available at your local League of Legends broadcast-web site.

The Week that Was

That about wraps things up.  But before I go, the Institute would like to send out a special thanks to those Summoners and scribes who have nobly stepped up to the task of leading and organizing their fellows these chaotic past few weeks.  I know there’s a certain overworked Yordle who appreciates your efforts, so thank you!  (Someone get that guy a cupcake or something.)

And everyone else, thank you for tuning in!  Once again, I’m Lien Keysmith, and I’ll be back next time for another This Week in the Institute.

Caitlyn, you monster.

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