July 16-17 Featured Matches

Champion Recruitment Featured Matches

This is an even week, meaning we will have the champion recruitments and their associated featured matches. With each faction only having 1 champion left in their respective recruitable pools, it is obvious who is going to be selected, but I don’t want to announce them yet here as they aren’t officially available yet and announcing them could cause some confusion in that. Stories will be posted as staff finishes them.

The featured matches will advance the story of the recruited champion and their goals with their faction. The better a faction does, the better their story progresses.

  • 3-0: Your Champion achieves a major success and gets a very positive story update.
  • 2-1: Your Champion makes some headway.
  • 1-2: Your Champion hits a roadblock and is probably grumpy.
  • 0-3: Your Champion suffers a serious setback and is probably furious.



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One comment on “July 16-17 Featured Matches
  1. […] The following Champions were recruited in Week 8. The outcomes of their joining-stories will be written based on the Featured Matches this weekend. […]

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