Interactive Lore Event Posted (Divinity Week 6 Champion Recruitment)

Jondor Horoku Factions Divinity Banner 2

Last week, we provided lore snippets for each of the newly recruited Champions, summarizing their backstories and explaining their involvement in the present arc. Each Champion introduction ended with a pivotal event through which the Champions attempted to move forward in their quests. We then had Featured Matches last weekend to determine the general outcomes of these quests.

I’ve updated the Week 6 recruitment post with that new lore. I’ve also given each faction a simple but (I hope) flavorful decision to make. Once I have those votes tallied, I’ll do a stat roll (influenced by Balance of Power, so yes, your pickup matches count!) to add either an upnote or a downnote, and write the resolution.

Link: Week 6 Champion Recruitment

Voting closes Monday. Have fun! I hope this helps bring more of an interactive feel to the arc’s lore.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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