Tournament Finals Today, August 7!

League Faceoff-Factions


The tournament finals will conclude today, Sunday, 7 August of 26 CLE. Matches will be streamed on Twitch. This tournament will mark an important development in the story of the Divinity arc.

The first match begins at 11:30 AM Pacific (12:30 PM Mountain, 1:30 PM Central, 2:30 PM Eastern).  Subsequent matches begin after previous matches conclude. We estimate the second match to begin around 12:30 PM Pacific, the third at 1:30 PM, and so on.


Bilge Bros

Representing the Maritime Republic of Bilgewater

  • Co-Captain: XalkXolc
  • High Tiers: HeavyWeapons Guy, PONCHOGRANDE
  • Gold Tiers: Random Nom, Rowena Ravenclaw, Sexy Soraka


Duck Squad

Representing the Amicable Enclave of Bandle City

  • Captain: tldr am duck
  • Co-Captain: Silencer Mage
  • High Tiers: JDmage, Silencer Mage
  • Gold Tiers: AbiwonKenabi, Audible Silence, Xeron Nox



You can also join our chat:

How to join chat

This is where Factions matches are typically organized. Each faction has its own club; chat with someone in your faction to see if they can get you an invite.

Mogron Pass rune Wars


Scandal at the Institute of War!
High Councilor Vessaria Kolminye has confirmed that there has been “what appears to be an oversight, but will nonetheless be investigated fully”—something in the League’s Black Archives, dating back to the Rune Wars or possibly before, which should have been revealed to the four parties-disputant at the outset of this conflict.
After hours of closed-door “discussions”, during which at least one ground-shaking thud emanated from the sealed chambers, representatives from Demacia and Noxus have emerged to jointly confirm that the artifact relates to the Guardian’s Sea nexus, and ought to be awarded to whichever side of the conflict can prove its might upon the Fields of Justice.
The Institute is awhirl with rumors and insinuations, most of which conflict with one another. But all can agree—someone’s head will roll for this.

The victor of this tournament will gain access to an artifact from the Rune Wars, which elements within the League had endeavored to keep hidden despite its proven connection to the prophecies surrounding the Guardian’s Sea nexus. Superpowers Demacia and Noxus are none too pleased about one of these lesser powers gaining access to such power.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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