August 13-14 Featured Matches

Featured Matches this week are Champion quests related. Each faction will work to help advance one of their champion’s goals, with Featured Matches outcomes heavily influencing the results.


The Freljord has selected Volibear for their Champion to highlight this weekend. They will strive to help advance his goals with the Freljord.


Bandle City chose Gnar for their quest this week. Once they are able to decipher what he is trying to tell them they’ll help him out as best they can.


Bilgewater voted for Twisted Fate, who seems to have temporarily left the Fields for unknown reasons. What spooky plots do they have planned?

Vel'koz splash

Icathia has chosen Vel’Koz this week. They will work to help him blow stuff up.


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3 comments on “August 13-14 Featured Matches
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