Vote: Week 12 Champion Highlights

League All Champions.jpg

This week, each faction will have an opportunity to select a Champion for further story progression. This weekend’s Featured Matches (for which all are encouraged to sign up) will determine how that Champion’s story proceeds: for example, a 3-0 victory means your Champion overcomes a major obstacle and generally has a very positive story progression, while a 0-3 shutout loss means angsty Champion drama. (In fairness, Champions are pretty good at angsty drama. Champion Judgments are basically a tumblr poetry reading.) There will also be an associated opportunity for the faction to use its Balance of Power (determined by pickup match results) to try to take advantage of the aftermath.

The poll links are posted up on the forums:

(Thanks to PONCHOGRANDE for setting these up.)

These are in private threads, so if you’re not yet registered for your faction on the forum, you should do that first. Voting will close by early Wednesday.

Previous Champion updates from recruitment weeks are indexed in the lore section of the arc page.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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