October 29-30 Featured Matches

The Harrowing is Nearly Upon Us!


How’s it going, everyone? Well, its nearly October 31st, and while for us that means we get to dress up and eat lots of junk food, in Valoran the Harrowing is preparing to strike.

Arc IX is about to open, but we still have one more weekend of intermission before that. So, we’re going to hold some Harrowing themed featured matches with factions likely to make an appearance in the next arc. Sunday’s games will also take place on the Twisted Treeline, to further increase the spookiness.

Costume Skin contest – using your scariest, funniest, and grooviest skins are highly encouraged.

Saturday, October 29 – Zaun vs Demacia

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Sunday,  October 30 – The Shadow Isles vs Ionia

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One comment on “October 29-30 Featured Matches
  1. CupcakeTrap says:

    Mike, you should have requested official clearance for this level of spookiness. Scary skins AND Twisted Treeline at once? 3spooky5me. Halp.

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