Arc IX Scenario Vote

Harrowing Art

Arc IX is set to begin next week. It will be a Harrowing-focused arc with a 1v1 format, designed to be as broadly accessible as we can make it.

The victor of Divinity has not yet been announced, because, uh, because, well, you see, the thing is,

Demacia and Noxus have sequestered High Councilor Kolminye and her staff in closed sessions within hexproofed chambers at the heart of the Institute. The explanation from The Summoner’s Herald, a staunchly pro-Institute publication, is that Kolminye is assisting Valoran’s feuding superpowers in delicate negotiations to ensure the continued peace. The more skeptical explanation preferred by many Summoners is that the Divinity conflict has dredged up artifacts and spellcraft from the Rune Wars era, stakes which they never would have consented to allow four “lesser” powers to divide up among themselves. Matters are coming to light, some say, that these two founding members of the League were long ago assured would remain under wraps in the depths of the Institute’s archives.

In any event, final arbitration of the dispute has been suspended as conferences, special sessions, and assembly motions proliferate.

Yes, let’s go with that. So to keep things moving along, we’ve posted a public vote to decide among five arc scenarios. All are welcome to cast a ballot. This vote will close on the evening of Saturday, October 29, whereupon we will have a further vote by the Summoners from the winning faction to select one of the factions for Arc IX. We’ll use the public results to determine that faction’s matchup. It’s a reversal of the usual order, but otherwise follows the traditional arrangement.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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