Select Arc X’s first faction


The tenth Factions arc is slated to begin in late January of 27 CLE. The first step in creating this arc is to hold a community-wide vote to select the first faction that will be featured in this arc. Like the previous arc, Black Winter, Arc X will be a 5-week 1v1 arc.

The voting link is available in the  Arc X First Faction Selection Vote thread on the Factions forum.

Wait, what’s Factions?

Some people might end up here from the general League community, and not be familiar with Factions. The tl;dr is that Factions is a volunteer-run community project dedicated to a custom game mode that pits the various factions of Valoran (e.g. Demacia, Noxus, Piltover) against one another in matches on the Fields of Justice. You know, like the original League lore, before the Great Retcon altered the lore of League of Legends to remove a few minor elements, like the League of Legends. (jk, Jaredan, I ♥ u) Anyway, we use these match results to decide how the story plays out. The matches are fought using faction-specific rosters, which provides an interesting gameplay element. I personally have found it quite instructive: for example, seeing Piltover (poke-heavy) versus Demacia (hard engage) taught me a lot about how these two strategies can deal with one another.

Factions is played out in a series of arcs. In each arc, we pick some factions, then decide on something they might be fighting over. For example, in the previous arc, Black Winter, the Black Mist spread across all of Valoran. Two solutions showed promise: Demacia wanted to purge the undead with holy magic, while Ionia wanted to do the opposite, bringing greater connection with the spirit world in order to balance out the cosmos. Both solutions were proven in their respective proponents’ homelands, but as diametrically opposed strategies, only one could be implemented across Valoran to end the Black Winter.

There’s more information on our front page.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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