Demacia Wins Black Winter!


“It’s amazing how quickly Nyroth has become part of the Runeterran community. What an achievement. What an achievement for Nyroth, a country that’s only begun to rebuild from, from dirt, from nothing. And now Nyroth has ambassadors with every nation in the League. They have their own delegate to the League. Nonvoting, but, you know, still. Their own delegate to the League. And according to the most recent count, I hear Nyroth also won the Black Winter dispute. Just amazing.”
—Zibly Marson, stand-up comic at the Heart of Gold (11 January, 27 CLE)

After a dramatic final match, the Black Winter dispute left the open air of the Fields of Justice, and entered the closed chambers of the Institute of War for a final tally and resolution. With Demacia and Ionia so close in the standings, both sides would have significant power to influence the final proclamation—but the ultimate question of how to rid Runeterra of the Black Winter would admit to only one answer. Demacia called for a global purge of the undead, while Ionia proposed restoring balance by strengthening, not severing, ties to the spirit world.

Rumors soon began to circulate that Ionia, which had proven unable to oust Demacia from a prolonged position of dominance, had taken the lead in the final match, and would be proclaimed victor. High-level Ionian officials began to be seen at the Institute, and Ionia seemed to be making preparations to exercise its new authority with a sweeping resolution to restore balance between the worlds of the living and the dead.

But when High Councilor Kolminye emerged from the counting halls, she declared that the victory was Demacia’s.

Hear ye and be warned!
The Council of the Legaue of Legends hereby proclaims that, contests of arms having been duly conducted upon the Fields of Justice, and Demacia having been victorious therein, it is to Demacia that the authority and responsibility for ridding Runeterra of the Black Winter shall be given.
Be it therefore resolved that Demacia shall appoint an Archsummoner as Special Emissary of the League to oversee its efforts and coordinate the might of the nations of the League toward this crucial common purpose: to banish this darkness from our lands and secure our people against calamity.
Be it known that the authority of this Special Emissary shall not extend to Demacia, nor to Ionia, nor to Noxus, or any of the territories of the aforementioned powers, which have already overcome the Black Winter.
Let the word of the League be as law, lest all the powers of Runeterra array themselves against ye. There may be no appeal.

In the wake of the announcement, King Jarvan III and Karma entered private talks, accompanied by their advisors.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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