Lore Event II—Hey, Ionia, Stop Being So Balanced


This is Syndra. When the Black Winter swept over Shon-Xan, desperate local leaders sought a means of survival. Syndra proclaimed the advent of a cult of the dishonored dead, mocking Ionians for their long neglect of the tremendous power that lay with their mighty, conquering ancestors.

Syndra can deliver. But at what cost? Should Ionia’s central leadership try to break this movement, or recognize Syndra’s authority? Is this any time for Ionia to spurn a powerful ally? Especially since IMO Syndra’s pretty OP right now.

It’s a difficult question that Lore Event II presents, and Ionia stands in stereotypical equipoise:

2017-03-18 - Ionia Lore event II vote Black Winter

While I appreciate the sincere roleplaying obviously going on here, I don’t really want to flip a coin for something of this magnitude. I have a prior engagement this afternoon, and I think I will refrain from closing this vote until this evening.

So go on, Summoners. Manipulate the levers of power. Whisper in hallways. Conspire. Do all those Summoner things you’re good at.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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