April 29-30 Featured Matches

What is this, a featured match post? Well you may not believe it, but it is. It seems I shall finally have enough room in my schedule to organize some of that sweet sweet candy you all know as Intermission Featured Matches. I invite you all to sit back, relax, and FIGHT LIKE YOU HAVE NEVER FOUGHT BEFORE! (Strange how video games makes it possible to do those things at the same time)

I would also like to wish you an early happy Star Wars day since it seems we will not be holding intermission featured matches next week. May the fourth be with you.

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Saturday, April 29 – Demacia vs Noxus

Sunday, April 30 – Piltover vs Zaun

April 29 – Star of Death

Demacia vs Noxus


Quinn threw the doors of the royal council chambers open. The room of advisers fell silent at her interruption of their discussions. She ran up to King Jarvan III, made a quick curtsy to show her respect, and handed him a sealed scroll. “Our scout vessel, the One-Eyed Rascal, has sent us an urgent report. A Noxian ship is sailing towards Demacian waters!”

The king raised an eyebrow, “Ship you say, not ships? Surely a single vessel is nothing to fret over.” He broke the wax seal on the scroll and unrolled it. It contained a sketch of massive war ship bearing the Noxian flag, holding a giant star-shaped object emanating light on its deck; next to it was a drawing of tiny ship, labeled “Full-sized Demacian War Galleon.”

Jarvan looked up from the scroll to Quinn, “What is this?”

“Noxus’s newest ship for the imperial fleet; they’re calling it The Star of Death, after the giant crystal it carries. Supposedly their war mages are able to channel their arcane energy into that crystal, and it amplifies the power 10,000 fold, sending a massive beam of destruction towards their target. Our scouts sent word back to us as soon as they laid eyes upon it.”

10,000 fold the power of a company of Noxian war mages, such power didn’t seem possible without rune magic. “Surely this must be just boasting. Have we managed to spot it in use?” King Jarvan asked.

Quinn looked at the floor for a moment, then looked back up at Jarvan, “We haven’t seen it being used first-hand, however rumors within the Noxian legions say they tested it on the Shuriman city Naaredla; it’s been a bit more rebellious than most Shuriman cities in complying with Noxian rule. I sent Valor to take a look at the place. All he could find was a massive crater in the ground, roughly three and a half miles in diameter.”

The king could not believe this claim, “That cannot be possible. The only power capable of destruction of that magnitude is Rune Magic, and had Noxus employed such magic we would have heard something from League.”

“And yet, the evidence of the destruction is there, with no word from the league at all.”

Jarvan focused on the Demacian War Galleon depicted in the drawing, dwarfed next to the massive ship next to it. “Is this scale accurate?”

Quinn shook her head, “Not quite; I’m told the soldier drawing it had to enlarge the size of the Demacian War Galleon in relation to the Star of Death in order to make it visible.”

The King looked to his advisers standing around him, “How can we stand against such a weapon? Do we have anything capable of destroying a ship of that size and power?” No one responded, they were all trying to wrap their minds around the news they had received.”

He slammed a fist onto the table, “Blast those accursed Noxians! We have no choice, inform our mages to look through Rune War records; find us a spell, rune or otherwise, that could defeat such a threat.”

“It may not have to come to that,” Quinn interjected, “It appears that there is a small crack, no larger than my fist, near the center of the crystal. If a light mage could send a blast of holy magic directly into that crack while the Noxian war mages are channeling their energy into the crystal…well I’m not an expert on how all that stuff works but I would imagine some kind of catastrophic failure, ought to at least slow them down. Of course, that’s assuming they survive long enough against the Star of Death to cast their spells and then manage to hit the crack.”

The king turned to his son, Prince Jarvan IV, “It’s time to assemble the armada. Red fleet commanders report in.”

Jarvan IV saluted, “Red ten standing by.”

Garen bowed, “Red seven standing by.”

Fiora curtsied, “Red three standing by.”

Lucian nodded, “Red six standing by.”

Vayne bowed, “Red nine standing by.”

Shyvanna saluted, “Red two standing by.”

Xin Xhao bowed, “Red eleven standing by.”

Lux curtsied, “Red five standing by.”

“Send all ships in attack formation,” King Jarvan ordered his most trusted commanders. “Good luck and may the force of Ceruleana be with you.”

April 30 – The Warring Clones

Piltover vs Zaun


Yeah, I was trying to use the prequels to make up a Piltover vs Zaun matchup with Viktor’s robot army fighting to save the galaxy from an army of a million Ezreal clones, but the prequels just didn’t have enough iconic material for me to work with. So, lets just say Darth Jar Jar came in and messed everything up, getting Piltover and Zaun pissed off at each other.

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