June 3-4 Featured Matches (Lore Event II)

Alright, once again sorry for the late post. We’ll be starting Lore Event II this week with matches based on the Noxian and Zaunite NPC’s trying to gather resources for their faction. I’ll leave the full post to give the in depth details off all the decisions to make, and give just a small summary here.

Noxian Might Festival


Noxus, seeking to quell the rising dissent among Qa’hharian citizens, has announced that they will soon be holding a Festival of Might to celebrate not only the defeat of the Tempest rebellion but also the consecration of a Qa’hharian Nox’toraa, to symbolize Noxus’ patronage of the region. Zaun, meanwhile, is scrambling to pick up the pieces following the destruction of their pyrikhos refinery, and several influential Zaunite figures have expressed a desire to use the Might Festival as a chance to reassert some of their lost control and perhaps turn a profit at the same time.

Noxian victories in the featured matches will aid Ra’hum Jhimarr’s men participating in the Might Festival Preparations. Whereas Zaunite viktories aid Tybalt Valenzek being able to pull strings to help Zaun’s counter-efforts.

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June 3-4: Noxus vs Zaun

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