Revolt in Qa’hhar—Summoner’s Herald Vol. VI, Iss. 1 published


In a conference room within a Zaunite office complex, corporate climbers with bloodshot eyes set upon a new packet of Shuriman intelligence briefings from “Apple-Eye” Valenzek like wolves who’ve been tossed a hunk of brisket.

Inside the halls of the Noxian High Command, there is a small room, lit by as many candles as can reasonably be fit without consuming all the remaining air, in which officers of the legions argue with cold-eyed shadow-sorcerers over cryptic drawings of subterranean ruins sent by Jovainus Yorksinson, a bookish mage assigned to Felk’s ill-fated legion.

The Zaunites brandish pens, where the Noxians hold quills. In between wetting their quills with ink, the Noxians wet their throats with wine, while the Zaunites are building up a tower of ThaumaKola bottles in the corner. But there is one element in common between these two very different scenes. In each room, posted up on the wall overlooking the frenzied activity, there is a clipping from the Summoner’s Herald, whose headline reads:


This is a quick first issue of the Herald, to cover the opening of the Insurrection arc. Thanks to Jondor, Shroom, and many others for helping to put it together.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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