Week 3 Featured Matches (June 10-11)

League Faceoff-Factions

Featured Matches will be held for Week 3 of the Insurrection arc on Saturday and Sunday, June 10-11. These matches will significantly influence the outcome of Lore Event II: The Festival of Might.

There will be three matches per day, starting at 12:30/1:30/2:30 Pacific (3:30/4:30/5:30 Eastern). Matches will be streamed at twitch.tv/LeagueFactions.

While you don’t have to sign up to participate, it would be nice if you did, as it makes match organizers’ jobs much easier. It also increases the odds that you’ll get into a match. Procedurally, we’ll create the lobbies about 10 minutes before each match, and invite from the signup lists. If there’s still space after that, we’ll open the lobbies up generally.

Please direct questions, inquiries, and reports of unlawful hexing to Summoner 501st Big Mike or Summoner Slimshaney.


For June 10:

  • June 10 Match 1
  • June 10 Match 2
  • June 10 Match 3 (couldn’t locate the recording, and no results submitted; Zaun won, but it can’t be scored unless/until we get one of those two things)

For June 11:


Caitlyn, you monster.

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