Factions Friday—30 June, 27 CLE

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Welcome, Summoners, to the Insurrection Week Six Factions Friday at Five event for the Insurrection arc! Factions Friday is directed primarily at people who are new to Factions. Summoners are encouraged to set up matches starting at 5:00 PM Pacific, with an eye toward helping new people learn the ropes. (“don’t ban faction champs pls”)

What’s Factions?

Factions is a volunteer-run community game mode inspired by Riot’s original “Noxus versus Ionia” tournament. Whereas Riot has officially abandoned any connection between the game and the lore of the game, we use the original excuse plot concept behind League, that of a sort of “fantasy UN” that uses trial by combat to resolve conflicts among nations and avert mutual destruction, to combine lore and gameplay.

Here’s our basic process.

  • Pick two factions, such as Demacia or Piltover, to fight one another over the course of an arc.  An arc lasts about two months.
  • Come up with a story that explains what these factions are fighting over. The first arc, Mirrorwater, centered on a shameless MacGuffin plot, with factions fighting for possession of the otherworldly “mirrorwater” found at the site of a meteor impact. The current arc, Insurrection, is a battle between Noxus and Zaun in the aftermath of a Shuriman city’s rebellion against Noxian rule and Zaunite commercial imperialism.
  • Draft Champion rosters for each side, based primarily on story factors but also taking into account gameplay considerations. The limited rosters leave each faction with certain strengths and certain weaknesses. This creates distinctive playstyles and encourages Summoners to work together to figure out how best to leverage their faction’s advantages and exploit the gaps in their enemy’s lineup.
  • Summoners pick a side for the duration of the arc, and play matches using these rosters, sending the results in online. We score the matches, and use the results to decide how the story goes.

The animating idea here is to allow Summoners to rally behind a cause and work together for a common goal, established by the arc’s storyline, while solving strategic puzzles generated by the limited rosters.

If you’d like to give it a try, Factions Friday is the ideal time to do so. The links below direct you to the Discord server, where matches are organized, and to the faction declaration form you use to declare your allegiance to Noxus or Zaun.




Caitlyn, you monster.

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