Final Shon-Xan Champion Rosters

These are the Champion rosters for the current storyline, Shon-Xan, which features Noxus and Ionia.

For tentative information on which Champions might fight for which factions in future storylines, visit the World of Factions page.

For unscored Intermission Matches, which do not affect the storyline, use the Intermission Rosters. All factions are playable in Intermission Matches, and anyone can fight for any faction (even against their “real” faction).

For Champions added by story updates, click their portrait to read that update.


Copy and paste the following text into your Champion Select search to bring up these specific champions:


Noxus Strategy Thread

Why is Riven on this roster? And why isn’t Singed?
See Mirrorwater Update 5: The True Noxus.



Copy and paste the following text into your Champion Select search to bring up these specific champions:

Ahri|Akali|Irelia|Karma|Kennen|Lee Sin|Master Yi|Shen|Soraka|Udyr|Varus|Wukong|Yasuo|Sona|Xin|Ezreal

Ionia Strategy Thread

Why aren’t Syndra and Zed on this roster?
Syndra and Zed are both enemies of the Ionian state. Syndra is currently still on the sidelines. Zed has openly declared for Noxus after the Noxian victory in the second tournament.

How do you decide which faction gets which Champions?

We look at three primary factors:

  1. Story. We start by looking at the official written lore. Sometimes, this is dispositive: for example, it’s pretty obvious that Swain will be fighting for Noxus, absent highly unusual circumstances. Often, though, the lore is somewhat ambivalent.
  2. Theme. We try to give each faction a cohesive in-game feel. For Piltover, that’s “steampunk”‘; for Zaun, that’s “mad science”; for Noxus, that’s “axes and spiky armor”. A good thematic fit can help nudge a Champion onto a roster.
  3. Gameplay. These limited rosters give each faction distinct strengths and weaknesses, and push Summoners to devise creative strategies that wouldn’t be necessary or viable in the 100+ Champion meta. We might give a Champion to a faction to help reinforce a strategy players have discovered, or to open up a new strategic option. More basically, sometimes we’ll pad a roster just to make it large enough to be playable.

We tend to start arcs off with trimmed-down rosters, and gradually add in Champions as the story progresses.

Factions can win Champions through Tournaments and Featured Matches. Champions won in this way can come from beyond a faction’s usual sphere, and add a bit of a wildcard element.

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