Hextech Revolution Interactive Lore Event III

This is an abbreviated lore event resulting from Piltover’s victory in a special mini-tournament against Bandle City. In-universe, Piltover has just won control of a seam of “red sand” — an especially explosive variant of pyrikhos — which the Council had cordoned off. Ziggs had been waiting on the sidelines to see which faction would secure the red sand before deciding how to declare, as (naturally) his primary interest was gaining access to explodey things. Piltover then rolled for a prize as usual, and rolled an 8, entitling it to a new Champion. Since the standard “secondary roster” for Piltover has already been used up, we’re going a bit beyond the usual lists. People got pretty excited, so we decided to do a very brief lore event.

Voting opens now and will run until Sunday, May 25. Only Piltovian Summoners may vote.


Gangplank would give Piltover another tanky top laner and an alternate jungler. His AoE ultimate might be helpful against “dogpile” factions like Demacia or Zaun, countering their all-in lockdown by making it rain cannonballs. YARHARHAR!

A fleet of pyrikhos-powered ironclad warships armed with “red sand” cannons could fortify the strait between Piltover and Zaun.

The story connection is pretty tenuous, but Jax is a mercenary who could provide another toplaner for Piltover.

Nautilus seeks answers, and Piltover may be able to provide them. In return, he would provide a tanky option for jungle or toplane.

The Council is willing to authorize another Shuriman Champion for Piltover’s roster. Rammus would give Piltover a tanky jungler and free Vi up to go top.

Zaun’s ascent to power threatens to make Riven’s worst nightmares a reality. She has offered to fight for Piltover, bringing with her a “Lost Legion” of Noxian refugees, outcasts, and (some say) would-be rebels. Many are Void-sickened or otherwise wounded, but Piltover’s technology could heal and re-equip them, reforging them into a powerful fighting force.
In gameplay terms, Riven would be another tanky top/jungle option.

Vote Here!

Piltovian Summoners may click here to cast their votes.



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