Piltover Lore Event Complete!

Piltover’s victory in a recent set of Featured Matches won it the right to add a new Champion to its roster. We decided to turn this into brief interactive lore event. You can read about the choices and setup here:

Interactive Lore Event III

After much deliberation, Piltover’s Summoners selected Riven, who joins this dispute out of hatred for Zaun and a determination to prevent its ascent to superpower status. She unlocks a new research project, The Lost Legion:

Riven has joined Piltover’s cause out of hatred for Zaun and a determination to halt Zaun’s ascent to military dominance. She brings with her a “lost legion” of Noxian refugees, outcasts, and rebels who have fled their Void-contaminated homelands and the horrific battlefields of Shon-Xan. Most of them are Void-sickened or otherwise injured, and they are certainly not in fighting shape. However, if Piltover’s science can heal and re-equip them, they could be a powerful fighting force grateful to have a new home.

I might try to put together a proper lore update for this later.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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