October 18-19 Featured Matches Schedule

Featured Matches

We recently received quite a few new players from Reddit. I would like to say welcome to the new players and give you a brief rundown of what the Featured Matches are. Every Saturday and Sunday we have a special set of matches that we stream live onto the League Factions’ Twitch channel. Players sign up for these matches during the week (sign ups usually posted Monday) and then on Friday we post the schedule (like the one below) that tells who is playing and when.

Featured Matches are scored as best-of-three sets, unlike normal factions matches. Victory in a set of Featured Matches brings a special advantage to the faction, varying from a Champion pickup to additional Favor with the League to a Research bonus. The prize is greater if the faction goes 3–0 than if it goes 2–1; in the latter case, the losing faction will receive a small prize as well.

For more information on Featured Matches, check out the Featured Matches/Tournament Rules page.


October 18–19 Featured Matches Schedule

The rank configuration for each match is indicated in the header. After some discussion, and in light of statistical evidence showing near equivalence in Factions matches, we’ve decided to collapse Diamond and Platinum tiers into a single High (“H”) category for Featured Matches. So, for example, HGGSS refers to a match in which each side is allowed one Diamond or Platinum, two Golds, and two Silvers.

Matches will be streamed at Twitch.tv/LeagueFactions, beginning at 12:30 Pacific (1:30 Mountain, 2:30 Central, 3:30 Eastern) on each day.

Saturday, 18 October, 24 CLE
Bilgewater versus the Freljord


Bilgewater is undefeated in Featured Matches—but the Freljord has surpassed Bilgewater on the Balance of Power thanks to a strong performance in everyday pick-up matches.

These two factions will clash today on the Fields of Justice as they vie for control over Nyroth. Bilgewater’s Summoners have selected Nami as their leader; she hopes that with Nyroth’s magic they will be able to restore the Lunari and forge a new moonstone to protect the Marai from the monsters of the depths. The Freljord has appointed Queen Ashe of the Avarosan to lead them in this dispute; she endeavors to strengthen the Freljord’s connections with Demacia and bring prosperity to the deprived inhabitants of the frozen north.

Match One — 12:30 Pacific : HGGSS

Streamer: Heavyweapons guy | Color Caster: JDmage | Play-by-play Caster: Damaster00777

for Bilgewater

  • Plat/Diamond: SonOfTill (subs: Naggarok, heavyweapons guy, Melodic Lima, vernether, EmperorFresh)
  • Gold: Swifter Legender (subs: rahh231, Blitzcrank King)
  • Gold: Sgt Porkchop (subs: JDmage, Connix)
  • Silver: KatarinaOrIFeed (subs: nightfried)
  • Silver: Animorpherv1

for the Freljord

  •     Plat/Diamond: Hellioning (subs: iqiq, RustSka, Icemoo)
  •     Gold: Crazyphill
  •     Gold: Adgarin
  •     Silver: Alkomon (subs: Tanadon, ClanShadows)
  •     Silver: Thundez (subs: thesardonicpengn, MetricTrout)

Match Two — 1:30 Pacific:  GGSSB

Streamer: Sgt Porkchop | Color Caster: Heavyweapons guy | Play-by-play Caster: Sgt Porkchop

for the Freljord

  •     Gold: Adgarin
  •     Gold: Crazyphill
  •     Silver: Tanadon (subs: Alkomon, Thundez)
  •     Silver: ClanShadows (subs: MetricTrout, thesardonicpengn)
  •     Bronze: Whittaker (subs:Suicide Sin)

for Bilgewater

  •     Gold: Sodaman64 (subs: Blitzcrank King)
  •     Gold: JDmage (subs: rahh231, Sgt Porkchop, Swifter Legender)
  •     Silver: Darkomega242
  •     Silver: KrystalSoul (subs: KatarinaOrIFeed)
  •     Bronze: Moreus (subs: Hexmage, Rextreff)

Match Three — 2:30 Pacific: HHGGB

Streamer: Sgt Porkchop | Color Caster: JDmage | Play-by-play Caster: [TBD]

for Bilgewater

  •     Diamond/Plat: Heavyweapons guy (subs: Vernether)
  •     Diamond/Plat: Naggarok (subs: EmperorFresh)
  •     Gold: Connix (subs: Swifter Legender, Sodaman64, rahh231)
  •     Gold: Blitzcrank King (subs: JDmage, Sgt Porkchop)
  •     Bronze: Hexmage (subs: Rextreff)

for the Freljord

  •     Diamond/Plat: RustSka (subs: iqiq)
  •     Diamond/Plat: Icemoo (subs: Hellioning)
  •     Gold: _____
  •     Gold: Crazyphill
  •     Bronze: Suicide Sin (subs: Whittaker, Calzonious)

Sunday, 19 October, 24 CLE
the Shadow Isles versus Ionia


Despite picking up Urgot to add a more traditional ADC to their lineup, things are not looking good for the Shadow Isles—the Isles are currently at negative 44 points on the Balance of Power. Though Ionia, the faction with the most declared Summoners by a considerable margin, is still about 10 points behind the Freljord and Bilgewater, it has surged upward in the standings through recent matches.

Nyroth teems with the souls of ancient Nyrothians slain in the cataclysm that devastated the mainland, trapped now within the twisted matrix of thaumic energy that covers what was once the site of a great civilization. The necromancers of the Shadow Isles have begun secret preparations to tear these souls from their bonds and feed them into a Void rift, intent on resurrecting Discord, the alliance between the Isles and the Void that nearly consumed Valoran in the Void War. Meanwhile, Ionia is working to forge peaceful relations with the surviving Nyrothians and perhaps to find some way to bring peace to the slain.

Match One — 12:30 Pacific : GSSSB

Streamer: Sgt Porkchop | Color Caster: Wizard996 |    Play-by-play Caster: Magnake

for the Shadow Isles

  •     Gold: dragonxp (subs: PONCHOGRANDE)
  •     Silver: Sunnyval (subs: Helios734, ArrowDealer, Kramillion, Sean003, 501st Big Mike)
  •     Silver: Cafuh
  •     Silver: JugglezMcGavin
  •     Bronze: ZestyLime (subs: RaptorAttacks)

for Ionia

  •     Gold: GoStrikeTheEvil1 (subs: Revoluxionist, Junpei Tenmyouji, LightPhyXer, Dussodjomo)
  •     Silver: Zukanamee
  •     Silver: xx r w b y xx
  •     Silver: chris00087
  •     Bronze: Kayokane (subs: sophiechan, Birkeland)

Match Two — 1:30 Pacific: SSSBB

Streamer: Sgt Porkchop | Color Caster: Damaster00777 | Play-by-play Caster: Magnake

for Ionia

  •     Silver: Jenjo (subs: xx r w b y xx)
  •     Silver: chris00087
  •     Silver: Zukanamee
  •     Bronze: Legostrike (subs: Kayokane, Birkeland)
  •     Bronze: sophiechan

for the Shadow Isles

  •     Silver: Helios734 (subs: Sean003, Sunnyval, Cafuh, JugglezMcGavin, 501st Big Mike)
  •     Silver: ArrowDealer
  •     Silver: Kramillion
  •     Bronze: RaptorAttacks (subs: ZestyLime, Damaster00777)
  •     Bronze: winter mage42

Match Three — 2:30 Pacific: HHGGG

Streamer: Sgt Porkchop | Color Caster: JDmage | Play-by-play Caster: Heavyweapons guy

for the Shadow Isles

  •     Diamond/Plat: silencermage
  •     Diamond/Plat: LastPunisher
  •     Gold: PONCHOGRANDE
  •     Gold: dragonxp
  •     Gold: Adorryable

for Ionia

  •     Diamond/Plat: Phell0x
  •     Diamond/Plat: Snow Enix
  •     Gold: Revoluxionist (subs: LightPhyXer)
  •     Gold: Junpei Tenmyouji
  •     Gold: Dussodjomo
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2 comments on “October 18-19 Featured Matches Schedule
  1. Nooben says:

    Is this only for NA?

    • 501stbigmike says:

      At the moment, yes. Right now only NA is holding featured matches, for a couple of reasons. One is that we need a matchstaff in a region to organize the featured matches there. The other, and larger reason, is that there aren’t as many players in other regions, which makes it hard to set up featured matches.

      We were holding featured matches in EUW, hosted by matchstaff Halfy, but the sign ups for the featured matches got ridiculously low. It was no longer reasonable to think we could continue without the proper number of sign ups. We hope that featured matches can start up there again, perhaps when worlds ends there will be more players free to play.

      If you want to start up featured matches in another region, you would need to get a matchstaff to organize them and show that you have enough players who would be willing, and able, to play in them.

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