Joining a Match

The easiest way to get into a Factions match is to hang out in the Factions chat and express interest. When someone makes a match, they’ll probably invite everybody inside the Factions chat. (If you get a “game full” error, you may need to join manually; the invite system is a bit glitchy at the moment and sometimes gives erroneous “game full” messages.)

To join the Factions chat:


We recommend setting the client to auto-join the Factions chat on startup. To do so, join the chat, then click the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the chatbox and select the “auto-join” option.

You can also join your faction’s chat. This is a major help to match organizers, as they can’t tell from the Factions chat who’s in what faction. For example, if you’re in Bandle City, join the BANDLE CITY chat.

Each faction has its own chat. Join your faction's chat to make it easier for match organizers to spot you.

Each faction has its own chat. Join your faction’s chat to make it easier for match organizers to spot you.

Here’s a list:


Joining Manually

Sometimes the invite system glitches, or you accidentally decline, or for some reason the game creator doesn’t invite you (e.g. you entered the chat after the initial wave of invites). To manually join a factions match:

  1. Click PLAY.
  2. Select Custom Game.
  3. Select Join.
  4. Check the “show private matches” box.
  5. Search for “factions”.
  6. The password should be “factions”.

Creating a Match

Not getting any invites? Here are some instructions for creating a match yourself.

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  1. Domain Domayne says:

    Im on oce, and whenever i join any of the chatrooms / look for a game no one there besides me :/

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