Creating a Match

A screenshot of the first match of Mirrorwater.

One of the first matches of Mirrorwater. (New rules require that matches be Tournament Draft.)

A key part of Factions is that anyone can start or join a match anytime. This is critical because it means there’s no need to wait around for CupcakeTrap or another staffer to run something: you can take the initiative and do so yourself whenever there’s interest.

Creating a Match

Recent changes to the client have also changed Factions match creation. We hope to have a more detailed guide posted here soon. In the interim, your best bet is to hop on Discord and join the match-creation chat.

Submit the results

Don’t forget to submit the match results! The winning team has the responsibility of sending the results in so that the match can be scored.

11 comments on “Creating a Match
  1. […] These matches will have a base value of 15 points, half-again as many as ordinary pick-up matches. […]

  2. […] like to help out with scoring or match running. To explain the latter: although of course anyone can start a match anytime, we’d like to get some people lined up who want to make a special effort to run matches […]

  3. branden3710 says:

    LoLKing has match summaries that can be accessed after games which also include stats like damage, cs, etc. that can be used to help determine how close the match actually was. Here’s a link to a recent factions match for reference:
    I suggest we use this method instead

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