Karthus Speaks

Karthus Speaks

by SilencerMage

This is a Beyond the Battlefield story, set during the Nyroth arc.

The Shadow Isles. A place where life has no meaning, and death is just a new beginning. It is within this place that the dead can truly be reborn into something beautiful and wondrous. It is here that the great lich Karthus gained his mighty powers over the living and the dead. It is where a regular man gave his life willingly to death itself, and it is here that you summoners can truly get a taste of the power that is oblivion. Let Karthus himself tell you just how powerful the Shadow Isles really are.

“Agony, ecstasy, peace. Every passing has a beauty all its own. Welcome, my friends, to the Shadow Isles, a place where life is the end, and death is the beginning. As you all may have heard, a new continent has been discovered and has been named Nyroth. Not much is known of these lands due to it being shrouded in a cloak of magical energies. But what I do know is that now that the veil has been lifted, we, the servants of death itself, must take it upon ourselves to seek out these new lands and bring the cycle of life and death to its shores. Others such as the Freljord, Bilgewater, and the accursed Ionians would have you believe that we of the Shadow Isles are nothing but freaks and monsters who would stop at nothing to bring death and destruction to life itself. But this is a lie. We are only the preachers of a new way of life itself, no different from those Ionians who speak nonsense about THE BALANCE OF POWER. We simply just wish to spread the way of the Shadow Isles. Is that so wrong? Imagine my surprise when summoners of the other factions accused me of laying waste to these new lands and defiling them with dark magic I would never do such a thing! Sure, I bring a wall of pain to my enemies, but where do they get off saying I’ll end this new land in a requiem of death? Now that’s just mean! Listen to me, Summoners, when I say that your time has come to join us in the fight to bring the way of the Shadow Isles to not only this continent, but the whole world itself. Just hear my song, and let the darkness envelop you as death gives you power, knowledge, and inner peace. And finally to those that decide to follow the path of the Shadow Isles, know that the faithful never fear the grave, and will be rewarded for their eternal servitude. And to those that oppose us, know that your time has come, and that in the end, only the dead will remain. I trust that you will make the right choice, mortals, and come sing the word of death with us at the Shadow Isles!”

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